BYOT is an initiative of Cabarrus County Schools to allow students and staff to bring their own devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, e-readers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, etc.) to school to use for instructional purposes and school business. The faculty and staff of Harris Road Middle School wants to encourage students to assess their own learning needs and be able to determine which tools (devices and online tools) will successfully meet their needs.  We believe the teacher is the director of his or her class. The teacher knows best when and what technologies to use to enhance instruction. Therefore, it is the teacher's call whether or not to allow students to use their devices in his or her classroom. By allowing students to bring their own devices, we are hoping to increase technology available inside the classrooms; subsequently, expanding educational opportunities for teaching and learning.


    Teachers will notify students of the technology use in class each day with a color signage system posted outside their classroom door or inside the classroom.

    ·       Red Sign: NO BYOT device use is allowed in class; therefore, do not bring your BYOT device to class.

    ·    Yellow Sign: SOME technology is allowed during class; therefore, bring your BYOT device because it MIGHT be used during class – with express teacher permission.

    ·       Green Sign: BYOT is allowed during class; therefore, bring your BYOT device because it WILL be used during class.


    Students are personally and solely responsible for the security of their electronic devices. Harris Road Middle School is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of any kind to a personal electronic device.

Last Modified on December 31, 2015