• HRMS Student Handbook


    The instructional day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. No car riders or walkers are to arrive at school before 8:40am. Students are not to be in the halls before 8:40 am unless accompanied by a staff member. Teachers who are meeting students before 8:40 am will set a meet time to greet students and bring them in the building. Students who arrive after 9:00 am must come to the office to sign in.


    Students are to be dropped-off and picked-up before and after school in the designated area located on the west side of the building next to the cafeteria. Staff members will be on duty to supervise this area. Please do not drop off or pick up students in any other area. Please pull forward as directed and do not pass other cars in front of you without being directed by a staff member to do so.



    Students who are bus riders will receive a bus pass to ride an assigned school bus. Students can only ride a bus if they have a bus pass.  All students must be at their bus stop 10 minutes early.  STUDENTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO RIDE THE BUS THEY ARE ASSIGNED.  STUDENTS may NOT ride home with a friend on another bus.


    Students who walk to school must enter the school through the gym in the morning. During dismissal students must exit through the front doors of the school. 


    All visitors, including volunteers and parents, must be buzzed-in at the front door and must report to the office to secure a badge that must be worn if they are planning to go to other parts of the building. Our computerized check-in system requires the scanning of a photo ID. Visitors and parents are not to go to teachers' classrooms or any other part of the building without obtaining permission in the office first.


    Students are not permitted to leave school with anyone other than a parent unless prior parental consent is on file in our system. The authorized adult must provide photo ID and sign the student out in the office in order for the student to leave. Students will not be called from the class until the authorized adult signs them out in the office. 



    The office telephone may be used for emergency calls only! Students may also use phones located in teacher classrooms with permission of the teacher. Cell phones and other electronic devices are used in class only at the teacher’s discretion. The nurse will see any student who is sick and the nurse will facilitate a call home.


    Cabarrus County Schools’ attendance policy is explained in detail in a separate handout.

    Students must be at school for at least half of the day (3.5 hours) in order to be counted present for the day.  Students having appointments with doctors or dentists are encouraged to return to school after these appointments.

    The principal may withhold credit for students who accumulate 20 or more absences in a class during the course of the school year. Parents will be notified when students accumulate three, six, ten, and fifteen absences during the school year.


    Students who have been absent from school must have their parent complete the online absence form located on the Harris Road Middle School website. In addition to the online form, doctor's documentation for illness/injury/medical appointments can be turned-in to the office. All absences will be coded as unexcused unless the online form is filled-out.

    Students, who are absent, whether the absence is lawful or unlawful, have the opportunity and the responsibility to make up missed work. The student should make arrangements with the teacher on the day he/she returns to school to complete this work within a three day period. Students with extended illnesses will be granted additional make up time. Students who are absent or who know they will be absent for a period of less than three days should ask a friend or classmate to get their assignments. Students absent for a longer period of time should call the school office and the assignments will be secured from individual teachers. We ask that the student be absent for a period of at least three days before calling for assignments.


    To help insure a quality instructional program, all of our students must be in class on time.  The staff of Harris Road Middle School has adopted the following Tardy Policy.

    Students who are tardy to school must always check in at the office first. Tardies will be determined as excused or unexcused according to the state attendance policy (see attendance policy). Tardies will be tracked for each semester (½ year).  Students will start each semester with a "clean slate.”

    Students who are late to school or class habitually may receive ISS (In-School Suspension).


    Students withdrawing from Harris Road Middle School should:

    1.     Have their parents call the school, informing the guidance secretary of this change.

    2.     Obtain a withdrawal form from the guidance secretary.

    3.     Return all textbooks/materials to the teacher of each subject.

    4.     Have the withdrawal form signed by the teachers of all subjects, the media specialist, and the cafeteria manager.

    5.     Return the withdrawal form to the guidance secretary before leaving school.

    If a student owes any money, the school records will be held in the office until all charges are cleared.


    Flowers, balloons, etc.

    Students are not allowed to accept deliveries of flowers or balloons or similar gifts at school.


    Never bring extra money to school. Please do not leave valuables in a locker. The school is not responsible for a student’s personal property that is lost or stolen.


    There is a lost and found box on each hall (for each team) for misplaced school materials.

    At the end of each quarter unclaimed items are donated to a charitable organization. Students are asked to please leave valuables at home. This includes valuable jewelry, watches, large amounts of money, etc.


    During school hours if students must have medication of any type, including over-the-counter drugs, they have the following choices:

    1.     A parent/guardian may come to school and give the medication to his/her child at the appropriate time(s).

    2.     A copy of a medication form may be obtained from the school nurse. Take the form to your child's doctor and have him/her complete the form by listing the medication(s) needed, dosage, and number of times per day it is to be administered. This form must be completed by the physician for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. The form is then returned to the school nurse.

    3.     The child's doctor may advise an alternative schedule for administering medication (outside of school).

    4.     Please notify the school nurse if a student is subject to unusual health hazards such as an allergy to bee stings, and /or requires special medical intervention (e.g., asthma, diabetes, etc.).

    5.     At the end of a treatment, the unused medication must be removed from school by the parent.

    6.     Any questions about the medication policy should be directed to our school nurse.

    School personnel will not administer any medication to students unless they have received a medication form properly completed and signed by the doctor, and the medication has been received in a matching labeled container.


    Harris Road Middle School is a neat and well-kept school. School property is really your property.

    Treat such property with the same consideration you have for your own home. 

    Take care of it and take pride in keeping the halls and grounds clean. 

    Throw waste materials into the containers, which have been provided for this purpose.

    Do not mark on desks, lockers, or other items in the building. 


    1.     Most books can be checked out for two weeks, with one-week renewal.

    2.     Reference materials may NOT be checked out.

    3.     Overdue notices will be emailed weekly to teachers and sent to the students through the homebase teachers. We do not charge overdue fines. It is the student's responsibility to return her/his books and to pay for any lost or damaged items.

    4.     Students must have a library pass to come independently to the library. Students are to sign-in as soon as they arrive in the library.


    The school cafeteria is maintained as a vital part of the health program at our school. To encourage good nutrition, a well-balanced lunch is offered at affordable prices. Breakfast begins at 8:40 am. Students who wish to eat breakfast should report to the cafeteria at that time.

    All students are expected to eat lunch in the cafeteria, whether they bring lunch from home or buy it in the cafeteria. Federal regulations prohibit students from having soft drinks in the cafeteria during lunch. Students have an account on which money may be credited. Charging of lunches is not permitted.

    Each student is responsible for:

    1.     Depositing all lunch litter in trashcans.

    2.     Returning all trays, dishes, and utensils to the dishwashing area. Loss of dishes and utensils is costly.

    3.     Leaving the table and floor in a clean condition for others.

    4.     Not taking food or drinks from the cafeteria.

    5.     Keeping noise to a minimum.

    6.     Purchasing all food in one trip through the line.

    7.     Not breaking in line.

    8.     Having money ready when approaching the cashier. 


    Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless they are accompanied by a teacher or have a signed pass from an authorized staff member. Students are to keep to the right when passing through the halls. Do not run or loiter in the halls. Excessive noise, horseplay, or any physical contact will not be tolerated.


    Counseling: Counselors are available for each grade level to see students individually, in small groups, and in classroom guidance. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students can make referrals for individual appointments. Please call or email your child’s counselor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child.  A student may fill out the form available in all classrooms to let the counselor know he/she needs to talk. In classroom guidance, we follow the NC Standard Course of Study for Guidance Curriculum.

    Consulting: Counselors meet regularly with the students’ team teachers to discuss any concerns the teachers may have about their students. We also attend conferences with parents and teachers to help support students in their academic, emotional, and social progress.

    Coordinating: The HRMS Counseling Department offers a variety of activities for students and parents throughout the year. Please check our website regularly for updates.


    Parents may request a conference with any teacher by calling or emailing the teacher directly at school. Conferences may also be set-up through the student’s administrator or counselor. Because our teachers work in teams, it is often best practice to plan conferences when the entire team can be available in order to fully address any concerns; however, this is not a requirement for a conference.




    The dress expectations of Harris Road Middle School parallel those of the Cabarrus County School System. School should be considered to be the training ground for students who will one day be successful citizens in the workplace.  Some casual clothes, which may be appropriate for recreational settings, are not acceptable in the workplace or at school.  Respect for one’s appearance is an important concept the staff of Harris Road Middle attempts to instill.  Extremes in hairstyles and modes of dress deemed by the administration to be clearly inappropriate or that tend to disrupt or distract from the educational process will not be permitted within the school.  If there is a doubt as to the appropriateness of an outfit, it is probably unacceptable for school.  The following are items that are frequently addressed in regards to dress code:

    1. Shorts, skirts or skirts should come to at least 3” above the knee.  Holes in clothing are limited by the 3” rule.  Students may wear Bermuda or walking shorts.
    2. Bare midriffs, halter-tops, muscle shirts with huge arm openings, mesh shirts, tube top, see-through shirts/blouses, are not acceptable.  The straps on the tank-tops must be at least 1.5 inches (width of ID card).
    3. Slashed, cut-up, frayed or tight jeans must not show skin or undergarments anywhere 3” above the knee. Bicycle shorts and clothing with writing on the rear end are not allowed.  
    4. Clothing which advertises or portrays drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, is sexually suggestive, or has any slogan which is not in good taste, is not to be worn to school.
    5. Blouses or tops that reveal cleavage or excessive skin are not allowed. 
    6. Stiletto heels and flip-flops are discouraged for safety reasons.
    7. No sagging pants will be permitted and students will be expected to wear belts or suspenders if needed to keep pants/shorts at the natural waist.
    8. No chains with or without large medallions are acceptable.  Chains on clothing must be permanently attached. Chains worn around the neck that are deemed, by administration, large enough to be used as a weapon are prohibited.
    9. Bandanas or any clothing that represents gang affiliation will not be acceptable. 
    10. Sunglasses, hats, gloves are not to be worn by any student while in the building. 
    11. Steel-toed footwear is not allowed. 
    12. Sleepwear is not allowed.
    13. Oversized t-shirts or jerseys that hang below the fingertips must be tucked in.  Oversized jackets must be left in locker.
    14. Excessive face painting, piercings, or unnatural hair coloring that becomes distracting is not allowed.


    Anyone wearing inappropriate clothing deemed dangerous, disruptive or distracting from the normal school atmosphere will be sent to IDEAL to be given a change of clothing. 


    Student lockers are school property and they are subject to random searches at any time. Individual students and their personal belongings may be searched if reasonable suspicion warrants that the individual is concealing tobacco, drugs, weapons, or any other items in violation of school board policy. Only the administration and adult witnesses will conduct student searches.


    Each student is provided with a locker in which to keep books and outside clothing.  STUDENTS MUST KEEP A SCHOOL-OWNED LOCK ON THEIR LOCKER AT ALL TIMES.  A STUDENT MAY NOT USE A LOCKER WITHOUT A LOCK. This includes the gym locker. The school furnishes branded combination Master Locks (admin has pass keys to open). Pictures, stickers, and other items may not be attached to your locker.

    SCHOOL LOCKERS ARE SCHOOL PROPERTY AND ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION BY OFFICIALS AT ANY TIME. LOCKERS ARE TO BE KEPT CLEAN. Students are to use only the locker that is assigned to them. Sharing of lockers is not permitted.


    Students are not allowed to carry book bags into classrooms. They are to be stored in their lockers. Bags of any sort that are large enough to contain notebooks are considered book bags and are not to be carried to class. This includes nylon bags with straps, tote bags, and purses large enough to hold a notebook.



    BYOT is an initiative of Cabarrus County Schools to allow students and staff to bring their own devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, e-readers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, etc.) to school to use for instructional purposes and school business. The faculty and staff of Harris Road Middle School wants to encourage students to assess their own learning needs and be able to determine which tools (devices and online tools) will successfully meet their needs.  We believe the teacher is the director of his or her class. The teacher knows best when and what technologies to use to enhance instruction. Therefore, it is the teacher's decision whether or not to allow students to use their devices in his or her classroom. By allowing students to bring their own devices, we are hoping to increase technology available inside the classrooms; subsequently, expanding educational opportunities for teaching and learning.

    Teachers will notify students of the technology use in class each day with a color signage system posted outside their classroom door or inside the classroom.

    ·       Red Sign: NO BYOT device use is allowed in class; therefore, do not bring your BYOT device to class.

    ·       Yellow Sign: SOME technology is allowed during class; therefore, bring your BYOT device because it MIGHT be used during class – with express teacher permission.

    ·       Green Sign: BYOT is allowed during class; therefore, bring your BYOT device because it WILL be used during class.

    Students are personally and solely responsible for the security of their electronic devices. Harris Road Middle School is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of any kind to a personal electronic device.


    The administration, teachers, and other staff members of Harris Road are committed in ensuring each student has the opportunity to learn in an undisturbed and safe environment. The discipline plan, therefore, is non-invasive and promotes collaboration, responsibility, and respect. It fosters independence and self-esteem, sets limits, and offers students a chance to learn from their mistakes.

    All of the adult employees at Harris Road Middle School have certain responsibilities to the school. In order to carry out these responsibilities, they have the authority to correct students when the need arises. If any adult employee, whether the employee is faculty, clerical, cafeteria, custodial, or substitute corrects a student, the student is expected to abide by such correction. All staff members respect students, and students are to treat all staff members with respect.

    1.     All students will be subject to the regulations and disciplinary procedures outlined in Cabarrus County Board of Education Student Discipline Policy and Harris Road Middle School Behavior System.

    2.     No student behavior will be tolerated which infringes upon the rights of other students to receive an education.

    3.     No student behavior will be tolerated which threatens the safety and welfare of students and staff.


    Students are not permitted to buy, sell, gamble, or trade anything with other students. Engaging in such activities will result in disciplinary action.


    If a student feels they are being bullied or encounter a peer being bullied they should report the alleged incidents directly to an adult or use the online form listed on the Harris Road Middle School webpage. 




    Students who exhibit inappropriate behavior are assigned any of the following in-school consequences for their conduct:

    ·       Redirect is one class period of isolation for students. Teachers can send students who are interfering with the learning process because of inappropriate conduct to IDEAL for the remainder of the class period.

    ·       Lunch Detention is held outside of the cafeteria in a location as designated by the referring staff member. Students lose the opportunity for socialization during their lunch time when assigned lunch detention.

    ·       Wednesday School Detention is held each Wednesday from 4:00 until 5:30 pm Students are always given written notification of this detention which has to be signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to the behavior management coordinator. Failure to attend Wednesday School may result in a day of in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension.

    ·       In-School Suspension (ISS) is for students who continually exhibit inappropriate behavior. Parents receive a phone call and written notification each time the student is referred to ISS by an administrator. In ISS, we will help students focus on making positive behavior changes and completing academic assignments. Students are allowed to work with adult tutors, meet with case managers, counselors, or administrators while in ISS.

    ·       Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS) will occur: when a student's behavior threatens the welfare and safety of others, when a student repeatedly disregards the rules and regulations of the school, and/or when a student violates mandated school board policy. By law the principal or his designee has the right to suspend a student for up to 10 school days. Students who repeatedly and willfully violate school/school board policy may be suspended for the remainder of the year.

    Students will be allowed to make up work after returning to school from suspensions.  Students cannot make up missed work during regular class time. Missed work must be made up after school and/or at home.



    STUDENTS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO RIDE THE BUS THEY ARE ASSIGNED. Students may NOT ride home with a friend on another bus.



    Athletic opportunities are available for 7th and 8th grade students. The teams are: Basketball, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Football, Girls' Softball, Track, Wrestling, Soccer, and Baseball.

    The following rules apply to all students participating in sports or cheerleading at Harris Road Middle School:

    1.     Athletes are representatives of their school; therefore, it is mandatory that they behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

    2.     A student may not be a member of two school teams during the same season, at the same time.

    3.     Each player must receive a medical examination by a licensed physician each calendar year in order to be eligible for practice or participation in interscholastic athletic contests.

    4.     All athletes must purchase school insurance or be covered by personal insurance in order to participate in any interscholastic sport.

    5.     A student must pass four subjects (three must be core subjects) per semester to remain eligible.

    6.     A student must not be fourteen years old on or before October 16 for 7th grade teams.

    7.     A student must not be fifteen years old on or before October 16 for 8th grade teams.

    8.     All 7th grade students are eligible to participate at the beginning of their 7th grade year.

    9.     Sixth graders may not participate on school teams.


Last Modified on August 17, 2017