• Why do we have remote days?

    Per Session Law 2021-130/Senate Bill 654, Cabarrus County Schools may use up to 30 hours of remote instruction when schools are unable to open due to severe weather, energy shortages, power failures, or other emergency situations.  

    What are the expectations on remote days?

    If it is anticipated that remote instruction will be needed for one school day, schools may proceed with asynchronous instruction.  If additional days may be needed, synchronous instruction will be included.  

    What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous instruction?

    Asynchronous learning will take place at home.  Students will access their teacher's canvas page and complete any assignments under "Lessons at Home."  Students will complete all their work independently.  Teachers will be available to answer questions.  

    Synchronous learning will also take place at home, but students will use Microsoft Teams to video-conference with their teacher and classmates.  The learning will follow a set schedule.  Listed below are the daily schedules.  

    Kindergarten Synchronous Schedule

    First Grade Synchronous Schedule

    Second - Fifth Grade