• The Myth of the Phoenix

    The myth of the phoenix is found in almost all of the great ancient cultures. Though the stories have slight variations, the idea is the same: the phoenix is a bird of renewal.

    The myths describe the bird's coloring as royal purple, scarlet and gold. Every 500 years, the phoenix gathers materials to build his own funeral pyre: wood, spices, and incense. Once the pyre is finished, the bird waits for the setting sun to catch him on fire. In the morning, an egg (or worm, depending on the culture) is left in the ashes. The egg hatches and the newborn phoenix comes forth. This new bird will live his 500 year life, at the end returning to the same place to complete the same ritual.

    We have taken the colors of the phoenix as our school colors to remind us of the chance for renewal and rebirth in our lives. As each of us encounters situations in life that may leave us burned, we, too, can rise from the ashes to become great.


    Phoenix Rising


Last Modified on March 9, 2021