• Welcome! We are the quarantine support team!

    The Quarantine Support Team is a team of teachers dedicated to assisting students who are learning while in quarantine.

    This team consists of four teachers: Mrs. Davidson will support Social Studies, Ms. Koop will support with Math, and Ms. Perez will support with English, and Mrs. Weavil will support with Drafting and Engineering/Electives.

    We are here every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. During this time, students in quarantine can join a virtual teams meeting with any of the four teachers and receieve help with understanding the material, interfacing with teachers, help with assignments, Canvas navigation, and other questions or concerns you may have! 

    Below is a table with the teacher's name, team link, office hours, and email address!

    Parents, please fill out the google form, under the table, to help us get in touch with you about your child's academic needs during quarantine! 


Robinson Quarantine Support Team