Bus riding forms are available upon registering your student at the school's front office. Contact Pia Workcuff-Holmes if you have any questions.
     **If your child is a bus rider, please remember to allow a ten minute window for stop times. For example, if your AM stop time is 7:30, please have your child at the stop by 7:20.  If the PM arrival time is 3:30, the bus could arrive as late as 3:40. Thank you!!
    School Bus Rules and Guidelines

    These School Bus Rules and Guidelines are for the safety of the Students and the Bus Driver.

    Be Safe at all times!

    1. Remain seated, facing forward in your assigned seat.
    2. No eating or drinking.
    3. Keep your body and all other objects to yourself and inside the bus.
    4. Use appropriate noise levels.

    Be Respectful at all times!

    5. Follow the School Bus Driver and/or Monitor’s directions the first time given.
    6. Be respectful with words and actions.

    Be Responsible at all times!

    7. Ride only on your assigned bus; get on and off at your assigned stop.
    8. Maintain cleanliness and appearance of the bus. Do not damage the bus in any way.
    9. Middle and High School Students – May use personal electronic devices responsibly.
    10. Elementary School Students – MUST keep personal devices off and put away.