• Club President: Maruthi Vemula

    Club Advisor: Ms. Coccaro


    Meetings are held in Room 2418!

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  • This club aims to solve problems in our society by finding solutions to them in an ingenious way that can be commissioned through a business. We will meet to discuss problems in our community that can be fixed through a business that you can create, and we will create mock business plans to paint a clear picture of the idea. We will later pitch the idea among ourselves and see if the service or product that we can create can be viable in the real world. 


    Structure of the Club:

    1. Brainstorm problems in the community that can be fixed through a business that you (the student) can make
    2. List the top 4 popular business areas (like some product to help with a specific topic/niche)
    3. Break people up into groups of 4 based on their common interests or just have them find groups or ideas that they are interested in developing 
    4. Spend the next couple of meetings working on getting your product and pitch ready
    5. After the mock pitch, vote on which presentation was best 
    6. Then, learn about a business plan and everything needed to start a business
    7. For a final semester project, give fake money and each group to execute their business plans