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Ms. Belinda Mu

Hello! My name is Zongchao Mu. You may call my English name Belinda. I'm the fourth grade homeroom teacher in mandarin immersion program. This is my second year teaching in the US and I've really learned a lot in this new environment. It's challengeable but exciting! We are always on the way of becoming! And I'm a capricornus. Yes, I'm serious and working very hard~

This year, I successfully have my husband and daughter come to accompany me. My daughter is only three years old and just as naughty as possible. She is still adjusting to the new and has made great progress till now. Her name is Xiangxiang. If you can read her name correctly, it means you have great mandarin pronunciation!

Want to know more about me?


Favorite food: seafood and barbecue

Favorite drink: coffee

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite travel: cruise

Favorite shopping place: all the supermarkets and malls

Expect to have a wonderful school year with all of you!