Hi, and welcome to the Chromebook Charity Club! Now you might be wondering what the Chromebook Charity Club is and why does Cox Mill have it, well let me tell you. Now we can all agree that the internet has become the most influential thing in our lives. The Internet connects us with the world, it teaches us things, makes us laugh and cry, and it is now a necessity. I never thought that the internet could be so important until this Corona-Virus Pandemic came out, lots of schools shut down and many people lost things.


    Most kids probably did not have anything to do and did not have access to the internet, to learn. Now our school is providing Chromebook but those are temporary eventually those will have to go back to the school. So, in our club we will be helping those kids who do not have access to the internet or by donating them Chromebooks! We will be getting old laptops from people in our community and then turning them into fully functional Chromebook that anybody can use. We will also be getting spare electronic equipment (such as spare mouses, keyboards, cameras, etc.) and providing them as well with the laptop. If you want to support us, then complete the google form https://forms.gle/2SbER2E2Bzy3ottL9 to donate old laptops or spare electronic equipment. If you want a Chromebook go to forms and click on the form, there.


    If you want to join our club then go to forms and click on the registration form there. And feel free to join us on remind which is @chbkclub


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