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Mr. Justin Wilson

"J, if I teach you, then you have to teach someone else", said my grandma Loretta. My earliest memories with my grandmother are centered around her teaching me something. Some days she would unscrew the cable from the back of the television, turn it down to avoid the static, and have me count from 0-100 as she clicked through the channels. Once I learned well enough, she made me teach my younger siblings. 

I'm not sure if my grandmother was trying to groom me into a classroom teacher or if she just wanted to make sure I understood, but I surely found a passion in helping others learn. It started with my four younger siblings and now I have taught over one hundred students. Although this is my first year in the classroom, I have been teaching in some form since I graduated high school. As a sports medicine student in college, I volunteered as a tutor at a local elementary school. From there, I went on to work with students as a site director for a non profit and as a tutor for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Not only do I have a passion for helping kids become great learners, but my first love was basketball. When I stopped playing after high school, I transitioned to coaching and teaching the game to younger athletes.
Somedays I wonder if this was her plan for me all along. What I do know is that I plan to approach my classes with the same intensity she had teaching me as I mold the leaders of tomorrow. My hopes are that that'll reach back and teach someone else.
Welcome to Ad Astra!

Spring Schedule

  • 1st Period:  Math 1

    2nd Period: Math 1

    3rd Period:  Math 2 (Honors)

    4th Period:  Planning

Contact Information

  • Mr. Justin Wilson (Mr. J)


    • 1st Period: adastra1p
    • 2nd Period: adastra2p
    • 3rd Period: adastra3p


Daily Checklist


    Each Day, I need you to complete this checklist.

    1.  Check Canvas Announcements and complete the day's ALEKS check-in.   Link: Canvas

    2.  If it is Monday through Thursday, join our Teams Meeting at the designated time and following the norms so we can take attendance, complete our warmups, go over questions, etc.  This is for all students and only students!

         1st Period 8:35    Link: 1st Teams    

         2nd Period 9:45   Link: 2nd Teams    

         3rd Period 10:55   Link: 3rd Teams    

         4th Period 12:25   Link: 4th Teams     

    3.  Complete your assignments for the Day in Canvas or one of the Links in Canvas.

    4.  Check your Powerschool to ensure your grades are correct!  Link:  Powerschool

    5.  Check your school email using Office 365 Outlook. Link: Office 365