Close Contact Guidance

  • If your child has been identified as close contact they will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

    Under certain circumstances the length of the exclusion from school can be reduced for students who are asymptomatic as listed below:

    • 10 days for students who do not develop symptoms during quarantine
    • 7 days for students who test negative for COVID on or after day 5
    • 0 days for students who have been fully vaccinated (meaning two weeks have passed since the final vaccine dose) or who have had a lab-confirmed positive in the last 90 days

    On the 10th day of quarantine parents can complete the form on page 2 of this document  and submit it to their school nurse to allow the student to return the next day.

    Students who have received a negative COVID test on or after day five can submit a copy of the test to the school nurse and can complete the form on page 2 of this document .

    Students returning from quarantine based on the terms listed above will be required to wear a mask until their 14 day exclusion would have ended. This applies regardless of whether the district is in a mask-mandated or mask-optional status.


    Please note at-home COVID tests are not an acceptable option for early return to school.

    Parents of vaccinated students are invited to submit a copy of their vaccination card to their school nurse to eliminate quarantining. Parents can also submit a copy of a verifiable medical diagnosis of COVID within the last 90 days to their school nurse to eliminate quarantining.