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    The 2022-2023 School Year is upon us! 

     Mrs. Cahall, Ms. Scannell, Mrs. Karibian and Ms. Ciolino are looking forward to working with students and their families this school year. 
    Mrs. Cahall will serve grades Kg, 2nd & 4th and Ms. Scannell will serve grades 1st, 3rd & 5th.  
    Student Services Canvas page can be found here:
    Student Services Zone Canvas Page 

    The Positivity Project | Character.org

    CCS and Patriots are excited to introduce our community to The Positivity Project this year! You may also hear us refer to it as "P-2!" All students will be presented these lessons in their classrooms and participate in character building in the comfort of their classroom community. For more information, and to explore the program, we have linked the P2 website! 


    Reconnect for Resilience™ — The Resiliency Collaborative 

    We are continuing to utilize the Reconnect for Resiliency program to support our staff, students, and families. It is a program that teaches us to recognize when we have been bumped out of our "Resilience Zone" and what strategies to use to return to it.

    When we are in our Resilience Zone, we are able to communicate our needs and feelings, we can problem solve, and we use our rational, thinking brain. It is where we always want to be, even when challenges arise. 

    We will continue to teach students emotional regulation, using Second Step, and conflict resolution, using Kelso's Choice skills. Below are the posters we have in each classroom at school. The students begin learning from both programs in kindergarten and each subsequent year. 

    Calming Down

    Kelso's Choices  


    The Harrisburg Food Pantry

    located at Rocky River Presbyterian Church

    7940 Rocky River Road

    All information is confidential. Families can come every 4 weeks if needed.


    Click HERE for Rocky River Church's community table and community clothes closet information.


    Click HERE for the link to CCS Social Work page that offers a variety of resources.



    Social-Emotional Calming resources for students and parents

    Career and Mindfulness Activities

    Kelso's Choices Wheel to Print

    Virtual Reset Room 

    Free Mindfulness Class for Kids






School-wide activities


    October 17th-21st Bully Prevention Week

    Wear BLUE on October 17th to support Bully Prevention Week.

    Bully Prevention


    November 26th-29th Red Ribbon Week 

    Tuesday: Dress up as your future career

    Wednesday: Wear RED for Red Ribbon Week

    Thursday: Dress to impress

    Friday: Wear your favorite college apparel 



    January 24th-27th Kindness Challenge


  • Melissa Cahall
    Rising K, 2nd, 4th Grade Counselor (2022-2023)
    Erin Scannell
    Rising 1st, 3rd, 5th Grade Counselor (2022-2023)