Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Leroy Santos

Hello everyone, my name is Leroy Santos and I am exicted to be joining you all this here at Central Cabbarrus High School.  This will be my 11th year teaching and I am excited to start the new year with you all!  I look forward to working with your child this year.  If you have any questions or concerns about anything we are doing this year, do not hestitate to email me.  

Beginning the School Year

  • Hey everyone, I am currently waiting for all of my information to sync with the school (I am a new hire so I am waiting for everything to switch over).  Your canvas pages when you login with take you to my school webpage here.  Below you will find the resources for what we will be doing each day until I am able to fully utilize canvas.  From there, all of your information will be posted on the canvas platform similiar to your other teachers.  Below are some resources to help you navigate this remote learning season. I appreicate your patience during this time.  As always, if there is a concern or question, feel free to email me! 


Attendance Information

  • *A Student is present when:


    • The student logs into synchronous learning (mircosoft teams meetings) or
    • the student completes assignments due THAT DAY or
    • the student logs into the LMS (canvas) before 11:59 THAT DAY  or
    • The student has two-way communication (email, remind, google voice number) with the teacher THAT DAY


    *Fridays: students still have to log in before 11:59 pm THAT DAY or complete and assignment due THAT DAY

1st Day of School Information - 8/17/20

  • Hello everyone, welcome to day 1 of Math 1!!!!   I'm excited that you are here!!!  Today we will just be connecting online and taking some time to get acclamated with each other in the online setting.  We will discuss class expectations for the online meetings and I have an activity (linked below) that we will work on.  Today will not be too difficult, we are just signing in and talking for a bit.  If there are any questions, feel free to email me.  


    Get to know you desmos activity: 

    Student remote learning expecations document 

Day 2 - Tuesday 8/18/20

  • Hello everyone, welcome to day 2!!! Today we will walk through the syllabus for the class and have a discussion about sending emails.  Below are the links for the resources we will use today.  Let me know if you have any questions!!


    Math 1 syllabus

    How to email video 

Wednesday 8/19/20

Thursday 8/20/20

  • Hello everyone, today we will be working on Delta Math.  The link to the website is below. 


    Morning Padlet


    Delta Math 

    • Teacher code: 675065
    • Choose the correct class 
    • use your student email address 
    • Create a password you can REMEMBER!!! 
      • I recommend your student ID number
    • DUE DATE:  Sunday 8/30/20 at 8:00pm!



Friday 8/21/20 - Asynchronous Learning

  • Hello Everyone!  Today there is no meeting (no microsoft teams), you will be learning and working asynchronously.  Today is rather straightforward, you will need to complete a weekly check up form that is linked below.  This past week we have spent time getting acclimated to school online.  Next week we will begin looking at math topics starting with expressions.  The videos for next week will be sent out today (late afternoon or evening).  I will sent out remind message when they are uploaded (you should get remind if you haven't already).  Also, make sure you work on your delta math and I will be sending each of you an email today with you ALEKS login information.  I NEED YOU TO REPLY BACK to the email to confirm that you have it.  The ALEKS knowledge check will be due on Sunday August 30 at 8pm as well.  If you need anything, let me know!!! 


    Weekly Check in 

Videos & Notes for Next Week

Remind Access Codes


  • 1st Period:  Math 1 

    2nd Period: Math 1 

    3rd Period:  Planning 

    4th Period:  Math 1 


Degrees and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics with Secondary Teacher Licensure, UNC Greensboro