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    Instructional Technology Fee

    Chromebook Care 

    Chromebook Guidelines

    Chromebook & Internet Safety



    Computer Login

    • Your username is your fist initial of your first name, your last name, and the last four digits of your student ID number
    • ie, for Bart Simpson 123456789 
    • Username bsimpson6789
    • Password:  123456789


    Office 365/Email 

    • Your school email is through Microsoft Office 365
    • Your email address is your Active Directory user name followed by @cabarrus.k12.nc.us
    • Your password is your student ID
    • Click Office 365 under Resources on our home page or go directly to portal.office.com - bookmark this site!
    • If you are unable to login, please ask your teacher to enter a work order that includes your name and student ID.
    • When logging into Office 365 at home, you will be asked for your password. 


    Microsoft Teams

    • Teachers will use Microsoft Teams to host live sessions with students. (Both whole class & small groups)
    • Students will access Microsoft Teams through links in their teacher's Canvas course. 


    Student Google Account

    Students have a Google Suite account where all of the services are available except Mail.
    At school, follow these Chromebook Login instructions
    On non-school issued devices, follow these instructions to login to Google Suite.
    • Your username is your Active Directory user name followed by @st.cabarrus.k12.nc.us
    • Your password is your student ID


     Instruction: Claiming a Student Account



    At home, you will be prompted to login to your Office 365 account before proceeding to Canvas.  Remember, your login is your email address, and your password is your student ID.

    You can sign-up as an observer(see course content but cannot participate)  for your student's course(s)

    Observers can
    • View and read announcements
    • View assignments index page
    • View the calendar
    • Join conferences, if invited
    • Join collaborations, if invited
    • View personal inbox
    • Send conversation messages to instructor and student they are observing
    • View the dashboard
    • View and read discussions
    • View files unless they are locked
    • View grades of student they are observing and filter, view scores and dates, and print grades
    • View modules and see due dates, point values, etc.
    • View pages and contribute if the instructor enables the Anyone can edit it setting
    • View profile pictures, if available
    • View syllabus
    • View outcomes
    • View quizzes index page


    Observers cannot

    • Comment on announcements or discussions
    • Submit assignments or quizzes
    • View course rosters
    • Send conversation messages to students in the course they are not observing
    • View locked files or folders
    • Join groups
    • View unpublished courses

    Creating a Parent/Observer Account