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Mrs. Elana Moore


I'm thrilled to spend this time with students exploring the world of Computer Science! This is such an amazing field of study, and we will have fun discovering every aspect of it!

The first class is for exploration! We’ll explore computing systems, how to build simple to more complex algorithms, how to problem solve and so much more. I'm a huge puzzle-person and love putting all the pieces together. That being said, we’ll make connections and see how this field relates to all other fields of study. We’ll investigate career paths and see just where it can take us. We won’t just learn one computing language, instead we’ learn how each computing language translates into animation, sounds, and texts and, most importantly….solutions.

Other classes will dig deeper into design – web design, app design, game design, and robotics. This is where we put a more detailed focus into the areas of Computer Science.

I ask students to ‘try’ – put some effort into learning new concepts and to try new methods of learning. In this class, the ‘need-to-know’ and the ‘want-to-know’ far outweigh any grade.

If students have questions or concerns, please have them message me in Canvas. This is the best and fastest way for them to reach me – and - they should always know that I am happy to help.

Now…..let’s get techy!


Mrs. Elana Moore, M.Ed. LDT

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Computer Science


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