• Chromebook Return Info.

    Students will turn in their Chromebook when it is their last day on campus. They should be finished completing ALL of their exams (Teacher made, CTE, and EOC) prior to turning in their Chromebook or Hotspot (if applicable).


    Chromebook Return Dates and Times:

    Thurs., June 2nd - A check-in station will be in the Commons area from 12:40-2:30pm for seniors that flex 4th block to turn-in their Chromebook. 

    Thurs., June 2nd - Students will check-in their chromebook with their 4th block teacher UNLESS they need to take an EOC/CTE/Teacher Made exam. Teachers will use the Chromebook Return online form and collect Chromebooks on this day.

    June 3rd-9th  After students finish their very last final exam, students will turn in their Chromebook in the Commons Area at 11am. Check-in stations will be set up to collect devices.

    Thurs., June 9th - Teachers turn in spare classroom chromebooks and chargers to Mr. Morrow in the Commons Area/Room B118.

  • How to Prepare Your Chromebook for Return

    1. Clean Chromebook with an alcohol wipe. 
    2. Charger cord wrapped with velcro and/or rubber band.
    3. Students will write their name, login (ex. jsmith5678), and any issues for technicians to look at upon return on a sticky note.
    4. Adhere sticky note next to trackpad.


    Chromebook Fees

    Unreturned Chromebook $250
    Unreturned Charger $40
    Major Damage $75
    Minor Damage $25

    Please use the K12 Payment Center to pay fees.


How to Login to a Chromebook at School

Chromebook Help Ticket (Incident IQ)