Mr. Beebe



Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. History, Western Carolina University, 2017 B.S.ed. Social Science Education, Western Carolina University, 2019 Social Studies Teaching License, Grades 6-9 and 9-12

Mr. Beebe

Greetings Hickory Ridge 7th grade students and guardians,

I am thrilled to be joining you midyear! I have already enjoyed working with you all for the past few months and I look forward to the remainder of the semester, however that may look. 

I have experience teaching 11th and 9th grade social studies. Middle school is new to me, but I have really enjoyed this new setting in which to teach, learn, and grow. I take social studies instruction very seriously. My classroom is one that is academically rigorous. Anything that takes away from this seriousness and negatively affects the learning experiences of my students will not be taken lightly. Always come to class prepared to learn, participate, and contribute to the positive classroom environment that we all build together. Afterall, social studies is serious business. It is the study of us - you, me, and all other Homo sapiens who have come before us and walk with us now. Remember, it's not just “his story,” it's your story, too. Our modern world has been shaped by the past. History is all around us. I look forward to continuing our study of the human experience! I truly hope that my passion for social studies will help to bring history to life for you! 

When not teaching about social studies, you can find me learning about social studies or a wide variety of other subjects either through reading or watching documentaries. You can also find me watching baseball (go Braves) and football (go Panthers), playing with my dog, painting landscapes, spending time outdoors, chilling on a beach, jamming out to nearly any genre of music, or spending time with my fiancé, Rachael.

Thank you for welcoming me into the Hickory Ridge family! I have immensely enjoyed being here already, and I know that the remainder of the schoolyear will be filled with even more wonderful experiences and new challenges!  


Mr. Beebe