• Mrs. Furr and Mrs. Laptos  

    Find Your Drive
      This year’s guidance theme is
    “Find Your Drive”
    Within the “Find Your Drive” framework, students will be encouraged to look within themselves to define what motivates them to be the best person they can be. 


     Students will have their first 3 Guidance lessons in the Media rotation during the months of September and October...


    Our focus in Kindergarten is to help build the foundational skills that will lead to good decision making and problem solving skills.  Our initial lesson will focus on Growth Mind Set and using our internal script to guide us through difficult situations.  Subsequent lessons will focus on appropriate expression of emotions and self-control. 


    1st Grade:

    We will be working on our Friendship skills in 1st grade.  As we discuss different friendship skills and blockers, we will keep our focus on how our decisions affect other people as well as ourselves. 


    2nd Grade:

    In second grade, students are first identifying their own skills and interests. We will discuss how we can use these skills to make the world better and how to handle making mistakes as we make our mark on the world. Students will then consider opportunities for positive influence as we study different careers.


    3rd Grade:

    Third Graders are learning how to communicate to themselves and others the positive aspects of their differences. They are practicing identifying and proclaiming their skills, interests, and heritage with confidence. We will then explore careers that match our own personal preferences. We will learn about rude, mean, and bullying behaviors - how to tell the difference and what to do when we experience them.


    4th Grade:

    The focus on 4th grade is on considering how our everyday decisions affect ourselves and others. They will identify and explore some careers related to their interests using vacareerview.org. We will discuss how to handle rude, mean, and bullying behavior.


    5th Grade:

    5th grade will be identifying our motivation style. We will then do some career exploration to find more about a job that "drives" each of us (on https://www.bls.gov/k12/students.htm). In our third lesson, the students will be learning the difference between rude, mean, and bullying behavior (and some strategies for dealing with it!)

School-wide activities

  • As school counselors we provide school-wide activities focused on career development, making healthy choices and the joy of contribution.  This year we have an important emphasis on service-learning and teaching students to give back.

    Happy quote
    Red Ribbon Week - career focus
    Monday: Wear Red
    Kindness Challenge
    Autism Awareness Week
    Bullying Prevention Week 
  • Julie Furr
    3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Counselor
    Erin Laptos
    K, 1st and 2nd Grade Counselor
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