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    Second Grade News
    Social Studies will be needing shoe boxes for an upcoming lesson in January.
     Reading Reading:
    During reading block we will work on the goals listed below, as well as, Word Work (Spelling) practice.  Leveled Reading homework continues.  Please remember that the questions given out at your first quarter conference, as well as, the extra questions found in our Reading Homework tab, can be substituted on homework if the questions listed on your child's sheet are not a good fit for the book he/she read.  Spelling/Word Work homework will be sent home weekly.  Our only requirement is that four activities be completed by Friday when we check homework packets.  You may substitute alternative ways to practice words if you would like.  Please note how your child practiced on the Spelling homework sheet.  If you see that your child is struggling with any activities, please let your child's homeroom teacher know.  The homeroom teacher will collect and check over homework packets each Friday.
    UNIT 2: Characters, Characters, Characters

    Week of 12/4:

    • Activate prior knowldge before reading/Growing your Schema
    • Confirm prior knowledge, correct misconceptions, and discuss new information learned
    • Identify the author's purpose
    • Read and problem solve words fluently
    • Indentifying and using Titles, Headings, Photographs, and Drawings to better understand Non-Fiction texts.   

    Week of 12/11:

    • Preview a text by reading headings.
    • Indentify the most important details in a section of the text
    • Identify and use text featrues effectively (Captions, Labels, Table of Contents, Glossary, Index,
    • Discuss an author's purpose and stategies
    • Seek the meaning of new words by using pictures and other text features, as well as, looking for helpful Context Clues in the sentence.

    Week of 12/18:

    • Identify the most important details in a section of text
    • Describe how ideas/details are connected.

    ***We will have Homeroom Days on Tuesday, 12/19 and Wednesday, 12/20.  On these days the children will participate in cross-curricular PBL's that our team has planned based on the book The Polar Express.


    ***In addition to these goals the children will work on grammar, using context clues, and dictionary skills during our warm-up at the beginning of each Reading Block.

                                  Reading Homework Link Reading Homework Tab Link


                                                                                            Writing: Writing
    Unit 3: Informative Non-Fiction Writing

    Week of 12/4 

    • Writing a catchy beginning 
    • Organinzing Non-Fiction Writing
    • Researching
    Week of 12/11
    • Drafting
    • Teaching with pictures and diagrams
    • Using Adjectives
    Math Math:
    We are starting Unit 3 on Geometry and Partitioning Shapes after the Thanksgiving break. Students will develop their foundation for fractions and are expected to use attributes of rectangles, triangles and squares to name, draw, compose and decompose pentagons, hexagons and cubes. They will be able to partition rectangles into rows and columns of same size squares by folding paper, arranging square tiles and drawing on graph paper. Students need to be able to see that circle and rectangles can be partitioned in different ways but share the same value. They should be able to partition them into halves, thirds, and fourths. We will finish this unit up before we leave for winter break.
    We will continue working on Unit 2 which includes word problems. We will use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one and two step word problems as well as money word problems. We will use the CUBES strategy to help students solve the word problems.
    C - Circle the key numbers
    U - Underline the question
    B - Box any math action words
    E - Evaluate or Eliminate - what step to take or what information to eliminate
    S - Solve and check - does my answer make sense, how can I double check
    We will continue to work on being able to fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies.  
    We will be sending home a math worksheet every Monday that is due on Friday. There is one column to do each night or however works for you. We will be checking it on Friday. You can access the homework sheet under the 2nd grade math homework page. Click on the link below.  Your child's homeroom teacher will check the math homework.
    We just wrapped up our unit on States of Matter.  This month we will be working on Social Studies.
    Social Studies Social Studies:
    We are revisiting the continents this month and learning about the wonders of each.  With each continent we will have a design challenge. Our designs will vary from the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing to a zip line of Victoria Falls.  Our vocabulary words that we will learn about are culture, language, roles, religion, ancestors, immigrants, traditions, folktale, customs, holidays, and diversity.  We will learn how each continent celebrates the December holidays.
    Important Dates for the 2017-18 School Year
    Special Dress Up Days for December:
    Please click the link below for a description of how staff and students are invited to dress up!



    It's the most wonderful time of the year to spread the Holiday Cheer! Patriots staff and students are encouraged to participate in our...
    Thursday, 12/7 ~ Progress Reports Go Home
    Thursday, 12/21 - Monday, 1/1 ~ No School/Winter Break
    Monday, 1/15 ~ No School/MLK, Jr. Holiday
    Friday, 1/19 ~ Half Day/Early Dismissal/End of 2nd 9 Weeks/Clubs
    Monday, 1/22 ~ No School//Staff Development Teachers
    Wednesday, 2/7 ~ Report Cards Go Home
    Friday, 2/16 ~ Half Day/Early Dismissal/Clubs
    Monday, 2/19 - Friday, 2/23 ~ Engineering Week
    Thursday, 2/22 ~ Progress Reports Go Home
    Monday, 2/26 - Friday, 3/2 ~ Read Across America Week
    Tuesday, 3/1 Math and Science Night (5:30-7:30pm)
    Friday, 3/2 ~ Iditarod Reading Challenge begins
    Tuesday, 3/13 ~ No School/Staff Development Teachers
    Thursday, 3/29 ~ Half Day/Early Dismissal/Clubs/End of 3rd 9 Weeks/Staff Development Teachers
    Friday, 3/30 ~ No School/Holiday
    Monday, 4/2-Friday, 4/6 ~ No School/Spring Break
    Wednesday, 4/18 ~ Report Cards Go Home
    Friday, 5/4 2nd Grade Movie Night
    Wednesday, 5/9 ~ Progress Reports Go Home
    Monday, 5/28 ~ No School/Memorial Day Holiday
    Friday, 6/8 ~ Half Day/Early Dismissal/Last Day of School/End of the 4th 9 Weeks/Report Cards Go Home
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