First Grade        
    First Grade Teachers 2017
  • First Grade Schedule 2017-18

    8:15am - Tardy Bell Rings 

    8:20-10:20am - Reader's Workshop   

    10:30am - Lunch (Starting times differ betweeen classes)

    11:10am-12:10pm Math Workshop

    12:10pm - Specials

    1:05pm - STEM & Social Studies

    1:55pm - Recess

    2:25pm- P.I.E.

    2:55pm - Pack-Up

    3:00 - Dismissal 

          **Your child's teacher will be sending out a monthly schedule with the days and specials rotations.

  • What Are We Learning in May?


    We will be finishing up our current unit on Using Place Value to Add and Subtract. Wewillalso begin our final math unit on balancing equations through the use of the equal sign.  Students will be using addition and subtraction problems to balance the equations.  We will be using terms like equal, not equal (unequal) and true and false.  Students will also be  working to find missing numbers in subtraction equations.


    This month in reading we will be focusing on our written comprehension skills as we approach the end of the year testing window. We will also begin our final unit on Readers’ Theater.  During this unit students will work to build their fluency and then collaborate with their group to put on a Reader’s Theater performance that we will be showcasing atour end of the year event!


    This month in writing, students will be finishing up their realistic-fiction stories and series from our current unit.  We will also be taking some time to review and revisit Narrative & Small Moment Writing, Informational Writing, Opinion Writing and conventions of writing.

    STEM & Social Studies:  

    This month in science, we are continuing our unit on biomes & animal habitats around the world.  We will also be diving into the three regions of North Carolina as well as their animals and habitats within each region.  We will be finishing this unit with a project where students focus on one animal & its habitat.  In social studies, we will look at human’s effect on the environment and cardinal directions.






  • We LOVE our Volunteers!

    In order to volunteer in the school, your child's classroom or a field trip: you must have a current Cabarrus County Schools Volunteer ID card.  If you do not have one, please complete the link below.  If you are unsure about your volunteer status, please check with the front office.


    Click Here to Complete the CCS Volunteer Application


    If you would like to volunteer in your child's classroom, please reach out to your child's teacher.

  • SOAR Student Behavior Cards

    We will be using a school wide program called SOAR to track student behavior. Each day, your child has the opportunity to earn a green or a blue square on their behavior card.  Everyone starts fresh each day and the expectations will be explained on the bottom of the card.  

    We will be looking for students who S-Put Safety First, O- Are on task, A-Act responsibly, and R-Respect others and themselves.  

    Blue will mean your child had a Rockin' Redhawk day by going above and beyond.  Green means they had a great day.  Yellow indicates there was a warning given and I will write specifically what area a warning was given and why. Red means needs improvement and I will write specifically what area needs improvement. 

    We are looking forward to lots of great days!

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