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BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Elementary Education and Biology. *IB MYP Science Category 1 Certification

Ms. Naomi Danzy

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Welcome to Sixth Grade at Concord Middle School. To begin, all announcements and assignments can be found here in Canvas.

I'm so excited to work with you this year as we begin your middle school journey. I teach 6th grade Science and Social Studies. I was born and raised in NYC. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC. I graduated from Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC. I obtained my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (with concentrations in Biology and Elementry Education). I began teaching in 2011 and have been with Concord Middle School since 2018.

I am a mom of two beautiful little girls. In my class, I promote a safe learning environment while cultivating young minds. 



Please feel free to email me at  I welcome any questions or concerns as we navigate sixth grade. 





  • Physical Science

    Chemistry (Unit 1) and Physics (Unit 2): Below is the objectives for our first two units. The first two units are 8-9 weeks each.

    (P) Forces and Motion

    6.P.1 Understand the properties of waves and the wavelike property of energy in earthquakes, light, and sound waves.

    6.P.1.1 Compare the properties of waves to the wavelike property of energy in earthquakes, light, and sound.

    6.P.1.2 Explain the relationship between visible light, the electromagnetic spectrum, and sight.

    6.P.1.3 Explain the relationship between the rate of vibration, the medium through which vibrations travel, sound, and hearing. Matter:

    Properties and Change

    6.P.2 Understand the structure, classifications, and physical properties of matter.

    6.P.2.1 Recognize that all matter is made up of atoms and atoms of the same element are all alike, but are different from the atoms of other elements.

    6.P.2.2 Explain the effect of heat on the motion of atoms through a description of what happens to particles during a change in phase.

    6.P.2.3 Compare the physical properties of pure substances that are independent of the amount of matter present including density, melting point, boiling point, and solubility to properties that are dependent on the amount of matter present to include volume, mass, and weight

    Energy: Conservation and Transfer

    6.P.3 Understand the characteristics of energy transfer and interactions of matter and energy.

    6.P.3.1 Illustrate the transfer of heat energy from warmer objects to cooler ones using examples of conduction, radiation, and convection and the effects that may result.

    6.P.3.2 Explain the effects of electromagnetic waves on various materials to include absorption, scattering, and change in temperature.

    6.P.3.3 Explain the suitability of materials for use in technological design based on a response to heat (to include conduction, expansion, and contraction) and electrical energy (conductors and insulators).