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  • I'm Cayce Andreolas and this is my FIRST year as a Concord Spider.  I am the EC Job Coach for the OCS program. My main goal as a job coach is to provide as many real life, hands on job experiences for each student, so when they graduate they have been given and experienced real life skills to be a successful citizen.  Prior to coming to CHS, I worked in UCPS for 9 years as a Job Coach.  I have worked with children and adults with a range of disabilities for 13 years now.  I am currently back in school to recieve my teaching degree.  I am really looking forward to a wonderful year!  


    My email is

    My phone Number is 704-260-6000.


    My schedule fluctuates with the nine weeks - 

    First and Second nine weeks; off campus 2nd and 3rd block

    Third and Fourth nine weeks; off campus 3rd and 4th block