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Mr. Ron Humphreys

Hello.  This is my first year teaching high school students (my background is teaching engineers at nuclear power plants) and I'm really excited to be at Jay M. Robinson's Academy of Engineering and Automation. Prior to coming to Robinson, I have spent a lifetime chasing opportunities in various industries (nuclear, environmental, consulting, and military) and positions (manager, instructor, operator, consultant, and technician). 

I grew up as an Army brat and have always had a sense of wonder lust and adventure to see as much of the world as I could, so I've always enjoyed taking on new challenges. But there comes a time when industries are in a time of transition and your spouse say's "There is no way I am moving to the United Arab Emirates just so that you can play with the newest nuclear plant design. Besides you're getting to be an old man, isn't it time we settle down?  After all, you've always said that eventually you'd want to teach at a high school."

So here I am.  

My goals for all of my classes are to:

  • Help integrate their knowledge across all of the disciplines;
  • Build a habit of intentional thinking by the students;
  • Foster a passion for a lifetime of continuous learning in the students;
  • Help them discover and pursue their passion (or at least help them to discover and avoid their disinterests); and,
  • Make sure that the students easily master course material.

Also make sure to review the Class Rules in the Documents section of this page.  Before working in our lab, all students (along with parent/guardian) must review and sign.  I'll print them out here and you can take them home for their signature.


  • 2019 - 2020 First Semester:

    1st period - Intro to Engineering

    2nd period - Planning 

    3rd period - Principles of Engineering  (Lunch A)

    4th period - Advanced Manufacturing II


    2019 - 2020 Second Semester:

    1st period - Intro to Engineering

    2nd period - Planning 

    3rd period - Advanced Manufacturing I  (Lunch A)

    4th period - Intro to Engineering


    Extra Study/Tutoring Time:

    If I'm not doing lunch duty, I'm in my class during Lunch A.  Most days I'm staying after school until 6 pm or so.  If you need extra help or need a place to chill out after school, I'm here.  Just let me know.

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  • Ron Humphreys


  • What Do I Need for Class?

    There are a lot of handouts that we use in class that you'll want to save for reference. Most of my students will write their notes on the handouts.

    My suggestions (obviously you can do what works for you) are:

    1. A small loose leaf binder with some college rule paper in it (not much, you'll probably only use about 50 pages all semester).
    2. Some kind of folder to hold the handouts.  I'd recommend some kind of accordian file that can close up and secure the pages so they don't go everywhere.  Nothing hardcased like for tax documents (I'm trying to train future engineers not CPAs), but you know what I mean.  (Full disclosure, my wife will tell you that I "over engineer" everything and that a regular regular folder will suffice; but her organization skills are not why I married her.)  
    3. Bring something to write with so that you can take notes and turn in assignments, i.e., pen, pencil.  
    4. If you are into highlighting/coloring your notes, feel free to bring that kind of stuff, but it's not a class supply requirement. 

    NOTE: Things that are to be turned in should be Legible, Clean, and in black or blue color.  This is engineering, not art class.  In addition to technical skills, I am trying to teach you professional communication skills.  I am truly happy that you do love your dog and am very impressed with you doodle of them, but it's really not germane to the topic at hand.

My daughter Hanna's dog "Beamer" chilling on the drill field.