• robotics
  • Students have many opportunities to use Robotics here at Patriots. We have several different kinds of Robotics including, but not limited to LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO WeDo, Makey Makeys, Arduinos and Spheros.
    Last school year our 4-5 students learned how to program the LEGO Mindstorms robots in their Technology Special. Since our 5th graders now know how to use them, we are going to get our 3-4 students caught up this fall. They are currently programming them in their Technology Special.
    This year we will be running clubs during the day. Students will have the opportunity to use robotics during this time. This will be an opportunity for all of our students (K-5) to use Robotics that are in the club.
    Robotics are also integrated into PBLs and MakerSpace time, as well as other lessons throughout the year.
Last Modified on October 13, 2015