Mr. Nic Allen

Phone: 704-260-6690


Degrees and Certifications:

M.A. (School Adminstration), UNCC, 2020 M.A. (Instructional Technology), UNCC 2019 M.A. (Education), UNCC 2016 B.A. (History), UNCW 1997

Mr. Nic Allen

Mr. Allen’s Class Virtual Learning Syllabus

Well, this isn’t how we thought school would be is it?  A few weeks ago we were going about our daily routine and now, we are preparing to practice an entirely new type of learning.  While our focus will be on historical lessons, the most important thing we learn might be how to adjust and overcome obstacles in our new learning environment.  There will be bumps in the road. Your internet will fail at some point. You won’t be able to get into the online class. The online class won’t launch for me. When these things happen, don’t worry.  We will work together to find solutions. The one thing that I ask is that you communicate with me. If I’m assigning digital lessons and I don’t hear from you, I’m going to assume everything is going well.  So, if there is a malfunction or something isn’t working, I need to know. As you all know, I was online working a lot before this shift in learning, so I’m going to be pretty easy to reach. When in doubt, give me a shout.  On to the stuff you really want to know.

Learning Management System

We are going to utilize Canvas as our online learning management system (LMS).  Canvas is relatively easy to use and our school district already has it in place.  It will be our digital home. Our class Canvas links are listed below.




I will post a weekly agenda (just like our white board agenda in the classroom) so that you know what we are planning to do each day.  All assignments, information, presentations, etc. will be listed in Canvas. This is your go to, one stop shop.  

Also, please sign up for the Remind notices for your class.  The codes are listed below.

Remind Codes:

1st Block: @2a66dd

2nd Block: @kd8a24

3rd Block: @ag7c2f

New Digital Learning Schedule

MPHS Digital Learning Schedule.png

The new digital learning environment will follow this schedule.  Please note that Wednesday operates on a different schedule that is explained below.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday you should dedicate each hour listed above to the appropriate class.  As a school we decided to start the learning day at 9:00am, which many of you will enjoy. The official school day will end by 1:30pm and there is a built in 30 minute lunch period.  

On Wednesdays, students will be given a day to work on assignments and to connect with teachers who are holding virtual office hours.  Teachers will be available to assist students for at least two hours between the hours of 11am-2pm. I will be available for all three hours each Wednesday.  Virtual office hours may be via video call or email, depending on the needs of the class.  

Mr. Allen’s Classes-Schedule Information

Week of 3/30-4/3 Review Week

During this week we will seek to accomplish two objectives.  First, we will practice what our digital learning will look like when we begin to study new material.  Over the course of the week you will gain exposure to digital learning practices such as our live class sessions and what a daily lesson will look like.  We will also engage our minds to get back in the flow of daily learning. Our week will focus on reviewing where we were when we left the building on March 13th.  For more information on this week, check out our class Canvas pages.

Week of 4/6-4/9 New Content Week

This will be our first week of new content.  We will jump back into our study of history (The Early Republic for American I & World War I for American II) and begin learning new material.  Our study guides will now be completed digitally and I’ve recorded a video of me teaching that accompanies each daily presentation. We will have online “live” class meetings twice a week for approximately 30 minutes.  On other days there will be assignments such as online discussions or digital projects. It is important to note that the total amount of time spent on our class each day should be between 45-60 minutes. Remember, we will follow the schedule below for this week.  We will have three days of class and one Wednesday workday.  

MPHS Digital Learning Schedule.png

4/10-4/19 Spring Break

We will have our regularly scheduled Spring Break on these days. 

4/20-5/15 New Content Weeks
These four weeks will follow our new digital learning schedule and feature new course content.


Mr. Allen Introduction 

After spending fifteen years in the retail furniture industry I decided to answer the constant calling I felt to be a teacher.  My wife and I decided to return to school together to obtain our teaching certification and Masters in Education degrees and I began teaching high school social studies while she entered the elementary classroom. This my first year at Mount Pleasant High School after spending the last five years at Mooresville High School.  I received a B.A. from UNC-Wilmington, a M.A. Teaching degree from UNC-Charlotte, and I will complete Masters degrees in Instrutional Systems Technology (Dec) and School Administration (May) this year.  I'm also a coach at Mount Pleasant and this year I'm serving as a principal intern as I pursue my School Administration degree.  

I've been married to my wife, Lisa, for 22 years.  We met on the first day of college!  We have three wonderful children-Charlotte, Hank and Andy.  Charlotte recently graduated from high school and is attending Wake Forest University.  Hank is a junior and he decided to come to Mount Pleasant this year.  He plays multiple sports and is excited to join the Mount Pleasant family.  My youngest, Andy, is an 8th grader at Mooresville Middle.  You can usually find him building experiments and practicing golf.  We live in Mooresville, but our family is very committed to each other so you will find all of us at Mount Pleasant events.