• Clubs Here At Winkler

    We have many different opportunities for children to have fun here at Winkler Middle.  Some clubs we have are:

    SAVE (Promise):

    • Students focus on creating an envrionment that's all inclusive within our building and in the world.  Our school was a model school and host for the national conference this year!  Check out the news article by clicking here.

    Nerd Herd:

    • Students work with the media coordinator and Instructional Technology Facilitator exploring things of technology-based interest such as 3D-Printers, Augmented Reality Sand Table as well as other Makerspace items.


    • This Christian based club is free for all to attent on Thursday mornings.  This student-led group meets with a staff member on Tuesday mornings and lead students in Christian based activties on Thursday mornings before school begins.

    Battle of the Books:

    • Our students compete against other middle schoolers within the school district.  This group works with multiple staff members including our media specialist and read multiple books prior to the competition.


    • The Envirothon program is a competitive event for high school and middle school teams to compete in a natural resources knowledge and ecology field day against other teams. It stimulates, reinforces and enhances students’ interest in the environment and our state’s natural resources. Resource subject areas are: Soils and land use, Forestry and plant life, Wildlife and habitat, Aquatics and water quality, and Current Environmental Issues including air quality and the impact of climate change.

    National History Day:

    • Every year over 3,000 students from around the world advance to the National Contest in College Park, MD. Our judges carefully review student projects and provide feedback about what they did well and how they can improve. NHD is about the journey, and while we recognize students who have excelled at the highly competitive national level, students who participate at any level develop communication and critical thinking skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  Click here for some examples.

    VEX Robotics:

    • VEX Robotics embraces this model of explorative STEM learning. We know what it's like to get excited about something cool. We know the magic a student experiences the moment they create something with technology. We want kids to learn how much fun it is to solve challenging problems. We're providing tools which are easy for beginners to master, but will expand with the imagination and experience of their users.  Click here to learn about VEX