Ms. Amber Williams

Phone: 704-206-6000 ext. 11100


Degrees and Certifications:

BA History BA Dance Education K-12 MA European History

Ms. Amber Williams

Dear Parents and Students,

As we navigate this unusual time I wanted to take a moment to help everyone understand how to access learning in my class and assure all that I am doing my best to be as fair and as understanding as possible. There are several ways to stay informed and keep in touch with me. As we move to online teaching, I have added new instructional resources to resources I have been using that require students to sign up. As always, parents are welcomed to sign up for any and all resources so you can stay informed of the assignments assigned. However, to see/discuss specifically your student's information, please email me anytime for updates or sign up with remind to text me. Below I will explain the use of each program...

Email: contact me with specific questions or help

Remind: class announcements and secondary way to contact me Class assignments that are video related

Microsoft Team: Virtual classroom instruction both live and recorded, live face to face conversations via class time and office hours

Google Classroom: Virtual classroom instruction, assignment collection, all teachers and admin are a part of this to help with instruction


All classes:



Open Office Hours: Thursday 2-3 pm by appointment (email/remind me and I'll meet with you during this time through your Microsoft Team)

1-1 World History Class Code: 379782-830028

Google Classroom: Class code wanth4a

Microsoft Teams:

Office Hours: 9-9:30 am Wednesday

1-2 World History Class Code: 379782-830029

Google Classroom: Class code: 2jhcu4z

Microsoft Teams:

Office Hours: 9:30-10 am Wednesday

2-1 World History Class Code: 379782-830030

Google Classroom: Class code: brf64aa

Microsoft Teams:

Office Hours: 9-9:30 am Monday 

2-2 World History Class Code: 379782-830031

Google Classroom: Class code: ktxdry2

Microsoft Teams:

Office Hours: 9:30-10 am Monday

4-1 World history Class Code: 379782-830031

Google Classroom: Class code: z4imk7j

Microsoft Teams:

Office Hours: 12-12:30 pm Tuesday

4-2 World History Class Code: 379782-830033

Google Classroom: Class code: 7vw2lsj

Microsoft teams:

Office Hours: 12:30-1 pm Tuesday