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  • Unfortunately, due to our current circumstances there will be no debate competition this year. I will have an additional debate meeting upon our return to school for closure.

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Team Information

  • Hickory Ridge Middle School Speech and Debate Club

    2018-19 Regionals Competition

    Congratulations to our 2018-19 Debate Team - we placed 4th in regionals and advanced to the state championships!


    • No meetings for the 20-21 school year as of yet. It is undetermined if the club will take shape this year. I will keep this page updated and make announcements when things change.


    • Mr. Platt's Room


    2019-20 Useful Information:


    2019-20 Introduction Topics:

    1. What is MS Debate/Forensics?
    2. Events:
      1. Humorous Interpretation
      2. Dramatic Interpretation
      3. Extemporaneous Speaking
      4. Original Oratory
      5. Duo Interpretation
      6. Public Forum Debate
    3. Link for scripts: JDDrama publishing
    4. Competition
    5. Specifications: NCASA Middle School Forensics link
    6. Questions and topic discussion

Public Forum and other categories in Debate Club

  • 1. Public Forum Speaking - What most people think of when they think about debate club

    Public Forum Speaking is when two people (Partners) are given a topic provided by NCASA but for practice purposes can be provided by the teacher, have to create 2 Con Speeches and 2 Pro Speeches per each person. For example, last year, our regional and state topics were the same and they were : “NCAA Student Athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.”.  This is most like a presidential debate.

    Your voice needs to be expressed loud and clear. At competition a coin toss is done and the team who wins to coin toss gets to choose whether they want to go first or they can choose what side they want to argue. But be prepared with both Pro’s and Con’s side for the topic because you need to be strong in both. Anything can happen at anytime. You need to have high level and class of vocabulary and this is the most rigorous of debates. For the regional competition we can have many teams of public forum, but for state, only a set number of teams can go.


    I will talk a little about the process and show a common notebook used for this competition.


    2. Extemporaneous Speaking - Creating a speech about a specific topic within a larger topic that you know is coming

    Students research and learn about the issues of today given the range of topics below. Students are given a question that relates to the topic of that round and they have 30 minutes to prepare a persuasive speech around the question, referring back to the research done and sources collected prior to competition.

    Extemporaneous Speaking Topics for 2018:

    • Regional Round 1 - Commerce
    • Regional Round 2 - US-Russia Relations
    • State Round 1 - North Korea
    • State Round 2 - Cybersecurity
    • State Round 3 - Immigration


    3-5. Dramatic, Humorous and Duo Interpretation - Reciting a dramatic or humorous script solo or with a partner

    You choose the script, you can play one or more characters and will be judged on how well you interpret them. You may choose a script from a favorite book, or you may use a site designed for these competition like the one linked above.


    6. Original Oratory - Creating a speech about something you are passionate about

    There is a lot of freedom here. 8-10 minutes. You choose the topic. Any issue, but must be memorized! I will have examples to share for this to our group.