Soaring and Shining Together

Who is Boger PTO?
Boger PTO is YOU; Boger parents/guardians, teachers and staff. Our work is guided by a board made up of parents and teachers. By working together as a team, the PTO strives to help Boger in its mission to be a “Beacon of 21st Century Learning.” There is no membership required or necessary and dues are not collected.
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What does PTO do?
Our mission is to support and enhance Boger by: promoting a healthy educational environment, teaming up administrators, teachers, parents and students, and organizing fundraisers and other activities.
How can you help?
If you are interested in helping, Boger has a spot for you. Whether you can help at school, at night or only at home, we have events and projects with which you can help.  If you have never completed the background check process, you can go to  Thanks for volunteering!
How much money has PTO raised each year?

2015-2016 $55, 973
2014-2015 $67,206
2013-2014 $47,735
2012-2013 $72,778
2011-2012 $62,206
2010-2011 $57,821
2009-2010 $60,689
2008-2009 $47,677
2007-2008 $39,126

How has PTO spent this money?

Because annual government funding only allows for basic supplies, resources, and activities for our children’s education, PTO is so important to help make up the difference. The PTO funds curriculum enhancements, hardware & software for classrooms, direct teacher reimbursements for class needs, and helps fund our encore programs. PTO contributes books to our Media Center, purchases agendas to help our children stay organized, facilitates staff appreciation events and more. To see what PTO has bought from 2007 to today, click here.

Does PTO get grants?
Yes! Thanks to PTO seeking out grants and matching grants, PTO has been able to create wonderful outdoor areas: PTO has paved the Beacon Trail, made an outdoor courtyard with tables, trees and mulch between the kindergarten and 1st grade halls, and built a school garden between 1st and 2nd grade halls. Thanks to grants, we have been able to buy swings, benches, playground borders, concrete pads, tables, trees, play structure (for the older children), fencing, and a fitness circuit behind the school. Grants have also bought a LED marquee sign and flower bed in front of the school and in the Media Center, grants have funded books, a volunteer workstation and Makerspace carts and supplies for creative projects. WOW!

Who are the 2016-2017 PTO Officers?
President—Ashley Feser
Vice President—Michael Honeycutt
Secretary—Leslie Harrison
Treasurer--Ann Schellenbach
Fundraising Coordinators---Kristen Martin and Kendra Shaw
Volunteer Coordinator—Joanne Wilkinson

Last Modified on June 7, 2016