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Mr. Keith Lee

I am honored to serve as band director for the 2019-2020 school year.  Prior to being the director for MPHS, I served as the band director for MPMS from 2004-2015.  Many of the students that are currently in the band are students I taught during their time at MPMS.  I am also a member of the NC Army National Guard.  In 2015, I took a full-time position with them and have just recently returned from a deployment to the Middle East.  I am looking forward to working with the students at MPHS.

  • Latest News:
    During this time of school closures, we will be doing online work.  It is imperative that you paying paying attention to your e-mails and that you are logging in to Cut Time on a regular basis.  If you are unsure how to check your school e-mail, please see the instructions below:

    Computer Login/Email 

    • Your school email is through Microsoft Office 365
    • Your email address is your Active Directory user name followed by
    • Your password is your student ID
    • Click Office 365 under Quick Links on our home page or go directly to bookmark this site!
    • Your username is your entire email address, ie, for Bart Simpson 123456789, 
    • If you are unable to login, please ask your teacher to enter a work order that includes your name and student ID.
    • When logging into Office 365 at home, you will be asked for your password. 
    • Want to setup email on your phone?  Here's how.


    Cut Time (

    All assignments willl be posted in Cut Time.  If you do not remember your CutTime logins, please e-mail me to help you get that back up and running with that.


    Smartmusic (

    We will be posting weekly playing assignments in Smartmusic.  In order to utilize the system, you must either use a desktop, laptop, chromebook (which has been made available to you through the school if you need one), or iPad.  If you are using an iPAD, there is a Smartmusic app that can be downloaded.  For the other devices, use your "Chrome" browser to go to the website.

    If you are having issues with the system or you do not have the necessary tools to complete an assignment, I will modify a given assignment for you.


    Office Hours

    Starting next week, I am going to be making myself available during our typical class times and throughout the normal school day on Microsoft Teams for face time interaction, chats, etc.  There will be a couple times, weekly, where I will ask you to join in on a meeting.  Those meeting times will also be during your normal class times.  If you need me outside of these times, please send me an e-mail.




    NEWSLETTER FOR 8 - 13 June 2020 


    Good Afternoon All,


    FINAL GRADES: As of this morning, my grades for all classes have been finalized and submitted.  If you see any discrepancies, please let me know ASAP.

    MARCHING BAND INFORMATION: It has been a strange couple of months with the school closures due to the current COVID 19 situation. There are still many questions about what the future holds for us in terms of the start of school, etc. Our hope is that we can start the next school year in normal fashion. Whether this can happen or not, those answers will be coming soon. With that being said, Mr. Fisher and I are preparing as if things are going to start in a somewhat normal fashion. We have determined it will be best for us to be over prepared than to caught off guard. As of now, we are planning for a normal Marching Band season. With that being said, things are ever-changing.

    I encourage you to watch this video ( ). Much of the information in this video are things that you are used to as being past members of this ensemble, but there are also lots of new things to pay attention to. In this video, I go different planning scenarios that we have diligently planned and have vetted with the administrative team here at Mount Pleasant High School. These scenarios provide us a number of plans that we can fall on based on the ever changing situations that we are presented with due to our current situation. Please pay attention to the details concerning multiple child discounts and financial aid requests (new initiatives this year).

    After you have watched the video, please complete the Commitment Form found at this link: . This secures your spot in this ensemble. Please do this by 11:59 PM on 10 June 2020.

    Check e-mail for a copy of the slide deck from my video presentation and a copy of our band handbook. Please look over these items. The band handbook has all the forms that students will need to have completed by August 3rd.

    I am very optimistic that things will get back to normal. As scary as things look right now, I am looking forward to what this next year may hold for us. I cannot wait for the day that we can get together to make music again.

    P.S. – If for whatever reason, we have a shortened marching band season or we do not have a marching band season at all, marching band fees  paid can either be reimbursed or kept in the student’s band account for the next marching band season. If we have a shortened season, marching band fees will be reduced substantially. If we do not have a marching band season, students can be fully refunded (only money they have paid in; not any money that has been fundraised) or it can stay in their band accounts until the next season for band fees.

    P.P.S. – I made a mistake in the video. Open House for High School and Middle School will be Aug 12th, not Aug 13th. That info has been updated in the slide deck and the band handbook. Elementary School Open House will be Aug 13th. A rehearsal schedule will be made to ensure students can make their Open Houses.

    STUDENT PICK-UP / DROP OFF INFORMATION: This week is designated for medicine pick-up. Next week, is the designated times for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors to do their item drop offs and pick-ups. More info will come down the pike about this, but the days/times are as follows:

    Monday June 8th

    Juniors 9am-noon

    Sophomores Noon-3 pm

    Tuesday June 9th

    Freshmen 9am – noon

    Any Grade level noon – 3pm

    Wednesday June 10th

    Any grade level -7am – 10am

    Thursday June 11th

    Any grade level -4pm-7pm

    Friday June 12th

    Any grade level -10am-2pm

    FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE PLAYING SCHOOL OWNED INSTRUMENTS:  If you are doing band next year, you may keep it over the summer.  If you are not, you must bring it back with you when you come to school to drop off your Chromebooks, etc.  If you are keeping the instrument over the summer, please send me a picture of the instrument so I can verify what kind of shape it is in.  Do this by 10 June 2020.

    AWARDS (VARSITY LETTERS, SERVICE BARS/PINS):  As of this morning, these items have still not showed up to the school.  I was told that they would be.  I greatly apologize for this.  As soon as they get here, I will notify you with a plan on how these items can be obtained.  Again, I apologize!

    WCU Summer Symposium: Every summer, Western Carolina offers a Summer Symposium for band students. This year, due to the current situation, they are going to be doing this online for FREE. You all need to get in on this. There are tracks for every section. I have attached to this e-mail a flyer with the dates and a PDF with information on how to logon to the webinars. YOU WOULD BE FOOLISH NOT TO PARTAKE IN THIS!!!!!!

    • Jazz Track – 11 June @ 5 p.m.



    Image title

    Image title


    There is something for everyone here. Get involved in multiple webinars. Be on the lookout for other great opportunities to come down the pike.

    Band Fees: Some still have balances due from their marching band fees, winterguard fees, etc. Please get this in ASAP. I greatly appreciate the ones who have gotten with me to turn in money. If you have money that is due that you need to turn in, it is imperative that you do this ASAP. Send me an email and I can meet you.

    Daily/Weekly Schedule: A daily/weekly schedule has been created for you to follow. Please see below:

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Daily Schedule



    9:00 am – 9:55 am

    1st Period

    10:00 am – 10:55 am

    2nd Period

    11:30 am – 12:25 pm

    3rd Period

    12:30 pm – 1:25 pm

    4th Period


    Wednesday Work Schedule

    PLCs for Teachers




    8:00 am – 8:45 am

    Social Studies







    9:00 am – 9:45 am

    Fine Arts







    10:00 am – 10:45 am

    World Language







    Mr. Lee Office Hours (Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri.)

    7:15 am – 4:30 pm

    Hit me up anytime during this time through e-mail or Microsoft Team.

    Mr. Lee Office Hours (Wed.)

    7:15 am – 8:50 am

    10:00 am – 1:50 pm

    3:10 pm – 4:30 pm

    Hit me up anytime during this time through e-mail or Microsoft Team.

    SITUATION AS IS: Our Governor has issued an order for us to be closed through the end of the school year. Your teachers are working hard to close out the school year and the school/school system will be pushing out lots of information on how this will all go down. This is not easy and may come with some frustration. BE PATIENT!!!

    For the Band: We will continue to post items on SmartMusic and in Cut Time for us to do. It is imperative that you remember your login information for both of those systems. If you do not, please let me know ASAP so I can help you. There will be a few things posted every few days for us to try to complete.

    For Future Band Functions: As of right now, there is not supposed to be any activities on campus until 1 August. This may change if guidance from the state and the NCHSAA changes. Stay on top of your e-mails for the latest and greatest…….

    At this point of time, you and your family’s health are of the most importance. Please follow the guidelines that have been placed in order to curb this situation. If you follow these guidelines, the amount of time that we are dealing with this will shorten.

    Parents-please make sure your children are checking their e-mails (school e-mails and e-mails associated with Cut Time and Smart Music) and their Cut Time accounts on a regular basis. Your children are going to be sent lots of information by all of their teachers. It is IMPERATIVE that they take some sort of onus in their own educational journey while we are experiencing these school closures. Please stay on top of your children. Force them to talk to you about what it is they are doing. Make them show you what they are doing. With the way they are having to do assignments, gather information, etc. while we are in our period of school closures, it cannot be solely on the teacher. If there is lack of information that a student is given that is making it difficult for a student to accomplish a particular task, students need to contact their teachers to gain clarification. This is great training for them for college, entering the workforce, etc.

    As always, contact me with questions, comments, concerns, etc.


    Keith J. Lee

    Director of Bands

    Mount Pleasant High School


    Office Phone: 704.260.6690 ext. 76707


    Address: 700 Walker Road, Mount Pleasant, NC 28124-9596


    Course Information

    • All course information and calendar for all band functions are maintained on
    • All students and at least one parent/guardian will be given an account through to keep track of important dates, newsletters, assignements, etc.
    • If you are not on the e-mail list to receive the band newsletters via e-mail, please let Mr. Lee know and he will make sure you are placed on the e-mail list.
    • PLEASE REQUEST TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE MP MARCHING BAND FACEBOOK PAGE!  We utilize this quite a bit for quick communication.
    Winter/Spring 2020 Schedule:
    • 1st Period - Symphonic Band
    • 2nd Period - Concert Band
    • 3rd Period - Mt. Pleasant Middle School
    • 4th Period - Mt. Pleasant Middle/Planning
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 704.267.6707