• Digital Learning Information 


    Below is some information about e-learning and where to get started!

    Information on what students should be doing for each core class each day of the week can be found on the homework board at the bottom of the page. 



    Where do I go? 

    Students should be checking Google Classroom every day. I will be posting everything students need on Google Classroom. 

    Office Hours

    I am available M-F 9-4 via email or messaging on the remind app. I do not check either of those things outside of that time. 

    Students sending emails to Ms. Allen should ONLY be sending them using their school email account. I will NOT respond to your personal email address. 

    Grading and late work

    See the "distance learning grading" tab for more information.

    Turning in late work? Use this form to let Ms. Allen know to go look for your assignment. 

    All late work for quarter 4 is due JUNE 4th! Any work submitted after that date will NOT count toward the quarter 4 grade. This date has been set by Cabarrus County Schools. 

    Social Studies schedule

    • I will be mostly everything for the week for the week on Monday by 9 AM.
    • Students will have a "check in" on Friday that will not be posted until Friday. The check in lets me (and students) know what they understood and what they still need to do some work on. 
    • Students will recieve a daily agenda from me at the beginning of each week that outlines what they should be doing each day of the week. 

    Daily Agenda (week of 6/1) 

     Check the "Distance Learning Daily Agenda's" Tab. 

    Microsoft Teams

    Join me for a live session Wednesday at 2 PM!

    • Watch this video created by Mrs. Harris. If you have questions, email Mrs. Harris or Ms. Allen. 
    • Wednesday afternoon, students will log into Microsoft Teams via the JN Fries website.
    • Each student should already be in the "Allen Social Studies" team. If you are not please send Ms. Allen and email immediately.
    • Students should see a link to the meeting on their calendar. 
    • Live sessions will be Wednesday 2-3 PM.
    • Students should use this link to record their attendance to the live session. 
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