• Kindergarten Supply List


    2 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

    1 box of washable Crayola markers (8 basic colors)

    1 box of twistable Crayola colored pencils (12 colors)

    12 Elmer’s glue sticks

    1 pack of multi-colored Expo markers

    1 pink pearl eraser

    1 pack square post it notes

    24 #2 plain Ticonderoga yellow pencils

    1 pair of Fiskars blunt point safety scissors

    3 plastic pocket folders w/out prongs

    3 wide ruled marble composition books

    1 set of headphones (not ear buds)

    Book bag (name on it) 

    Change of clothes


    Rocky River Elementary School – First Grade Supply List


    2 boxes of 24 wooden #2 pencils

    1 box of twistable colored pencils

    1 box of primary colored markers

    3 boxes of 24 classic color crayons

    2 pink pearl erasers

    20 white glue sticks

    5 marble composition books

    2–2 plastic pocket folders

    1- 4 package of black dry erase markers

    2 sets of durable earbuds/headphones

       (Please make sure the sets are a good fit to your child’s head.)

    1 box of gallon size baggies – used for math (requesting girl students to bring in)

    1 box of quart size baggies – used for math (requesting boy students to bring in)



    2017-2018 Supply List for Second Grade


    Fiskar scissors

    4 plastic folders no prongs (red, yellow, green, blue)

    8 marble composition books (WIDE RULED) -no spirals

    2 boxes of Crayola 24 pack crayons

    6 jumbo ELMER glue sticks

    48 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga pencils preferred)

    2 LARGE pink erasers

    2 four packs of expo (blue or black) dry erase markers

    1 pack 3X5 index cards

    1 pack 3X5 sticky notes


    *These supplies will be collected as grade level materials.  Please do not label materials with your child's name.  Thank you!


    Personal Items:   2 sets of headphones or earbuds (Please be sure they fit your student’s ear.)

     Grade level wish list:   Kleenex, Ziploc baggies (any size), hand sanitizer, wipes

    2017-2018 Supply List for Third Grade

    Please do not label with names these items will be collected as
    part of classroom supplies
    ● (2) 24 pack Crayola Crayons
    ● (1 pack) 8-pack Crayola Washable markers
    ● 24 glue sticks
    ● (2) Elmer’s glue bottles
    ● 5 packs of 24--#2 pencils (pre-sharpened)
    ● Two 4- Packs of - Expo dry erase markers
    ● 1 Expo Eraser for dry erase boards
    ● 1 pair of scissors
    ● (5) Black and white composition notebooks
    ● (3) Wide ruled notebook paper
    ● (4 packs) 3 x 3 post it note
    ● 2 Yellow highlighters
    ● 2 pocket folders
    Personal Item:
    *(1 pack) of headphones and/or earbuds
    If you would like to donate the following items it would be greatly
    *Sandwich and gallon sized Ziploc bags, Kleenex tissues, Hand
    sanitizer, Disinfecting Wipes, Baby Wipes, and a roll of paper towels

    Fourth Grade 2017/2018 Supply List


    ·      zipper pencil pouch (not the plastic boxes-when they drop everything spills)

    ·      8 packs of pencils

    ·      6 marble composition notebooks

    ·      1 pack of marble graphing Notebook Paper

    ·      1 pack of notebook paper

    ·      12 glue sticks

    ·      1 pair of scissors

    ·      2 pairs of durable earbuds or one pair of headphones (these will remain at school

    ·      3 packs of 3x5 index cards

    ·      1 pack of colored pencils/crayons

    ·      1 (4) pack of dry erase markers

    ·      1 pack of ziplock bags (girls: snack size,  boys: sandwich size)

    ·      2 boxes of tissues


    2017-2018 5th Grade Supply List


    3 boxes thin Crayola markers (8-count only)

    1 box of colored pencils (10-count only)

    2 boxes of Crayola crayons (16 or 24-count only)

    3 packs of 3x5 index cards (lined only)

    8 glue sticks

    2 pairs of kid scissors

    8 marble composition notebooks (no spiral bound)

    4 boxes of 24-count yellow Ticonderoga pencils (pre-sharpened)

    Zipper pencil pouch (NO PENCIL BOXES)

    1 pack of multicolored highlighters (4-pack)

    2 packs 3x3 post-it notes (4-pack)

    1 pack chisel-tip BLACK EXPO dry erase markers (4-pack)

    3 sets of earbuds



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