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BS in Spanish Secondary Education

Ms. Nicole Vega

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¡Hola!  Me llamo Señorita Vega.  I attended Southern Connecticut State University where I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Spanish Secondary Education.  Growing up, I have spent many of my summers in Portugal and Spain and have gained many valuable experiences.  As a student, I have had many wonderful World Language teachers who have inspired me to pursue a career in foreign language education.  My ultimate goal is to share my knowledge with students and help them build their own passion for World Languages.


Spanish is an increasingly powerful language in today’s society.  From its rich culture to its fascinating history, Spanish offers something that everyone can enjoy.

Why learn Spanish?

·         To communicate with the 350 million native Spanish speakers worldwide

·         To enhance your travel experiences

·         To improve your employment potential

·         To improve your knowledge of your own language

Congratulations on choosing to take Spanish as a second (or third or fourth...) language!

Take a look at the following link on an inspiring polyglot and  follow her advice to have fun learning languages!            

In addition to teaching Spanish, I also have the privlege of teaching Introduction to Broadcasting!  It is a wonderful course where we work collaboratively in order to keep our school community informed about pertinent information while having fun.  We will learn how to collaborate efficiently and effectively with our team members, to produce the most accurate news in a timely manner!

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