• STEM Portfolio of Distinction 


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    March 12th, 2021--Rough draft of senior STEM portfolios due for feedback

    May 7th, 2021--Senior STEM portfolios due! NO LATE EXCEPTIONS! 



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    *Note: please pay careful attention to the breakdown requirement


    Overview of STEM Portfolio of Distinction Process

    This is a process that will set you apart as a student who has not only seriously pursued college-readiness and workforce goals, but also who has spent time documenting those experiences. STEM Distinction seniors stand out as students who are well rounded and focused.


    • We encourage you to exceed the minimum requirements set forth in this guide
    • The portfolio process is a natural one for students who are college and workforce bound, and will help you throughout an application process for either.
    • All activities must be completed a few months before graduation. Your portfolio advisor (homeroom teacher) will review your portfolio. Once approved, you will receive “STEM Distinction” status and receive your graduation stole.
    • Your portfolio should reflect an on-going process. Last minute cramming of experiences will not be considered for Distinction.
    • Pay careful attention to deadlines. They will be communicated in multiple ways: website, homeroom, Remind.com, and directly from your STEM teachers.
    • Please see the links below about requirements for each grade level.

    Important Portfolio Documents

    STEM Event Log: Use this form when logging your field experiences, personal growth opportunities, outstanding projects, and volunteer hours

    Click here for logging requirements