• STEM Portfolio of Distinction 


    **Due to Covid-19, starting September 2020, updates have been made to the portfolio requirements for each grade level.

    Please see the appropriate links below for grade level changes.


    Overview of STEM Portfolio of Distinction Process

    This is a process that will set you apart as a student who has not only seriously pursued college-readiness and workforce goals, but also who has spent time documenting those experiences. STEM Distinction seniors stand out as students who are well rounded and focused.


    • We encourage you to exceed the minimum requirements set forth in this guide
    • The portfolio process is a natural one for students who are college and workforce bound, and will help you throughout an application process for either.
    • All activities must be completed a few months before graduation. Your portfolio advisor (homeroom teacher) will review your portfolio. Once approved, you will receive “STEM Distinction” status and receive your graduation stole.
    • Your portfolio should reflect an on-going process. Last minute cramming of experiences will not be considered for Distinction.
    • Pay careful attention to deadlines. They will be communicated in multiple ways: website, homeroom, Remind.com, and directly from your STEM teachers.
    • Please see the links below about requirements for each grade level.


    For Student Requirements (C/O 2021 and 2022) CLICK HERE

     For Student Requirements (C/O 2023 and 2024) CLICK HERE


    *Note: please pay careful attention to the breakdown requirement


    Important Portfolio Documents

    STEM Event Log: Use this form when logging your community connections, volunteer hours, and enrichment trip experiences.