• Mrs. Fulton

    Spring Semester: 2022

    1st block: English I Honors
    2nd block: Planning
    3rd block: English I onors
    4th block: English I

    Contact information:
    704-260-6600 ext 41307

    Classroom wishlist:

    -Individually wrapped Jolly Ranchers (for Kahoot Fridays)


    -Clear contact paper

  • About Me:

    Greetings and salutations! I look forward working with all of you and hearing the stories that have brought you to this place in time.

    I graduated from Bowling Green State University (in Ohio) with my bachelor's degree in Secondary Education and from UNC Charlotte with my master's degree in School administration. I've had the joy of being a Cox Mill Charger since 2018 and am the new Swim and Dive Coach!

    I have one true rule in my classroom (and in life) and that is "Respect without Exception." That being said, there are plenty of procedures and routines we follow. Keeping up with the introduction to these in Canvas is most helpful for students and guardians.

    I am also including the delineated new cell phone rules for the school as decided upon by our administrative team via this link. Please review this so it is not a surprise.

    FOR GUARDIANS: Please complete this guardian-contact form to help me easily and efficiently keep you up to date on our class experience.

    Here's to a healthy Spring!