Teaching as a Profession


    The Teaching as a Profession II course is an exciting hands-on exploration of the teaching profession. It includes observations and field experience in local schools. While this course will provide invaluable experience if you are interested in a teaching career, you do NOT have to plan on a career in teaching to benefit from this class.


    Some benefits include:

    - Participate in honors level coursework.

    - Opportunity to receive up to six hours of college credit if you pass both Teaching as a Profession I & II courses with a grade of B or higher, and choose to enroll in one of the participating UNC Universities (UNC-Wilmington, A&T State University, and Western Carolina) OR three hours of college credit by attending a Community college and articulating this course credit.

    - Learn about the history of education and the teaching profession, the North Carolina teacher licensure process, and instructional strategies to help you decide if teaching is a potential career option.

    - Participate in field trips, which may include college days at associated North Carolina colleges and universities.


    To be eligible to participate in TAAP II, you must:

    - Have a GPA of at least 2.5* on a 4-point scale.

    - Submit 3 teacher recommendations in writing.

    - Submit an essay on why you wish to be a TAAP student. (see essay prompt included)

    - Be a junior, or senior.

    - Agree to provide data for program evaluation via a brief pre- and post-survey, data collection and reporting purposes only.


    I hope you will strongly consider Teaching as a Profession courses.


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