Cabarrus County Schools Student Realignment Information

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     A presentation and final recommendations were made to the Board of Education on January 7, 2019, during the board's work session meeting. The recommendations were presented by Matthew Cropper of Cropper GIS Consulting, on behalf of the student realignment committee. The presentation, available for download here, was for information purposes only and provided school board members with an overview of the committee's objectives, realignment criteria, and the process, which led to the committee's final recommendation for realignment.

    The recommendations presented to the School Board were for information purposes only. No actions were taken or anticipated regarding realignment.
    This page will continue to serve as a repository for all materials related to the student realignment study. Please continue to visit this page to follow future developments in the realignment process.

    A Public Hearing Regarding Student Realignment
    There was a public hearing at the Board of Education Meeting on February 4, 2019, regarding the Cabarrus County Schools' Student Realignment.