Spider pride in our staff

  • Beginning in late October, we will be highlighting our staff. This is a great team of professionals working to help students learn and gain the skills necessary to have a successful future.

    We will begin with first year teachers who are new to Concord High and move into other teachers, no other order than how new the teacher is to teaching and the school.

    We are proud of our team and hope you will enjoy getting to know a bit about us.


    Ms. VanLeuvan is a great addition to our Spider team! Not only does she coach Cross Country and track, she is a passionate teacher who uses her love of history to teach her classes.


    Mrs. Glover is new to teaching and new to Concord, she is excited and brings the perspective of middle grades education while she helps our students trnasistion into high school math.


    Mr. Thacker as a first time, first year teacher brings his real world experience to his classes. Through his experience and licenses in the business world, he is uniquely qualified to help our students prepare for the world beyond high school.