• Central Cabarrus High School Business Department

    William Busshart, MSA.MCI


      William Busshart

    Central Cabarrus High School is an absolutely wonderful place to teach business courses in Entrepreneurship I & II, Business Essentials, and Adobe Visual Design ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign). Educators at our school love working with students and really care about the quality of education. I am currently in my sixth year at Central Cabarrus High School, but have been teaching in North Carolina for several years. I was named "Teacher of the Year" three times in my career, and selected as "Outstanding Teacher of the Year" by the Jaycees. I also serve as the senior adviser to DECA and am very proud to have had both the North Carolina DECA President, and the North Carolina Vice-President in our chapter at Central Cabarrus! Our DECA team has several outstanding students who love business, and enjoy competing in competitions at both state and international levels. I highly encourage your students to participate in the DECA Organization at Central Cabarrus High School. I promise that they will love being involved in a student organization that is recognized both nationally and internationally!


    I am very excited and privileged to work with some of the very best students in Cabarrus County, and look forward to engaging them to their full potential. We have so much to be proud of, and it is certainly a privilege to work with such amazing students! The expectation in my class is that students come prepared and ready to engage in class conversations, role-plays, interactive lessons, group projects, interviews, individual projects, research assignments, and project-based learning.


    Text Me at 704.576-2984 If You Have Questions.

    Electronic Mail: William Busshart


    Principal: Principal Dustin Shoe

    School Hours: 7:15am-2:15pm

    Address: 505 Highway 49 South, Concord, Nc 28025




    Phone: (704) 260-6570
    Fax: (704) 782-7563




Teacher Schedule

  • 2022-2023 Schedule

    Spring Semester

    1st Block: Adobe Visual Design Honors - Certifications in Photoshop & Illustrator in Certiport
    2nd Block: Business Essentials - Marketplace Certifications in Ever-Fi
    3rd Block: Business Essentials -  Marketplace Certifications in Ever-Fi
    4th Block: Planning & School Duty

Contact Information

Degrees and Certifications

  • United States Airforce 

    Electronic Communications: Cryptographics, AutoSevocom (Automatic Secure Voice)

    Information Systems Squadron: Strategic Air Command, Tactical Air Command, Military Air Command


    Bachelorette in Business Administration, St. Bonaventure University - Hilbert College

    St. Bonaventure University

    Masters of School Administration, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Masters of Curriculum and Instruction , University of North Carolina at Charlotte


    Intel Master Teacher Certifications
    IC3 Certification - Microsoft Academy
    North Carolina NCAT - Pinnacle Leadership