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  • C.C. Griffin is getting into competitive robotics in a big way this year thanks to grants from the REC Foundation.  At this time, we have 2 VEX IQ robot kits and 1 VEX EDR robot kit and we hope to get a second EDR robot kit soon.  Each VEX team is made up of 2-5 students. Each time will most likely have 3-4 students this year as we are learning more about the different needs each type of team has.  One of the grants we received this year is called the Girl Powered grant.  As the name implies, this grant was created to encourage young female students to get into the fields of scienc, engineering and robotics.  The team(s) created with the grant much be majority female.  All of the grants are contingent on our teams participating in a VEX qualification competition this year.  We will have this or these scheduled as quickly as possible for planning purposes.

    We are giving the students until September 29th to get their applications filled out and returned.  As a part of each application, the students will have to get two teacher recommendation forms filled out.  7th and 8th grade students are welcome to give those to teachers they had last year, since it is so early in the new school year.  Students are not responsible for getting these forms back to Mr. Lipp and Mrs. Braswell by September 29th.  They just need to get the forms to the teachers by that day.

    Students can get the applications from Mrs. Braswell or Mr. Lipp's door.  We hope to get started on October 10th, depending on the arrival of our fourth kit. Click here to view and download the application.  

    The REC Grants have given our school a great starter for our competitive robotics program as C.C. Griffin.  We hope that through community involvement we will be able to grow the program in the coming years.  Visit VEX Robotics website to learn more and please contact Mr. Lipp if you have any questions regarding the VEX Robotics program at C.C. Griffin.

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