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    Bethel Elementary School

    Elementary Mission, Goals, and Spotlight Indicators


    Our vision at Bethel Elementary is to empower students to impact positive change.  Our daily mission is to love, nurture, and inspire a passion for lifelong learning.


    Area of Need:  It is the target of BES to align and strengthen core and tiered instruction in order to maximize student achievement.

    Strategic Themes: (1) Support a shared commitment and collective responsibility for the academic success of every student (2) Provide effective and engaging instruction to meet the needs of all learners (3) Every Kid.  Every Day.  (4). ALL in for ALL kids.


    1. By June 2020 100% of BES teachers assigned to teach math will fully implement new NC math instructional framework, Launch-Explore-Discuss.
    2. By June 2020 3rd Grade Math proficiency will increase to 65% as measured by Math EOG.
    3. By June 2020 3-5 Math proficiency will increase to 70% as measured by Math EOG. 
    4. By June 2020 K-2 Reading proficiency will increase to 85% proficient as measured by iStation EOY data and mClass TRC EOY data.
    5. By June 2020 3-5 Reading Proficiency will increase to 70% as measured by EOG.
    6. By June 2022, EC subgroup data will grow in proficiency by 15% a year each year for a total of 45% and close the achievement gap between our general education students and our students with disabilities.  (A2.04 and A4.01 NCStar Success Indicator)

    Area of Need:  It is the target of BES to ensure staff, students, and the community work and learn within a community that fosters all stake-holders’ health and wellness.  The school will focus on implementing a school-wide framework to support social-emotional and trauma-informed learning.

    Strategic Themes: (1) Every Kid, Every Day.  (2) ALL in for ALL Kids. (3) Showing Empathy, Building Positive Relationships, and Promoting Self-Regulating Emotions and Behaviors

    Goals: (1) By June 2020 all staff will have a clear understanding and begin implementation of a school-wide social-emotional, trauma-informed framework, with a goal of 80% compliance as monitored by staff survey. (2) By June 2020, students and families will demonstrate a basic level of understanding of what it means to be resilient, how the brain works to foster resiliency, and at least one strategy for improving their resiliency, as measured by parent-family survey.  (3) By June 2020, BES will decrease the percent of students who receive one or less major office referrals, by 50%, from 91 students in 1819 to 45 or less students.

    Area of Need:  It is the target of BES to promote a sense of health, wellness, and resiliency, in order to increase the daily attendance of students.

     Strategic Themes:  (1) Every Kid, Every Day.  (2) ALL in for ALL kids.
    Goals:  (1)  By June 2020, BES will decrease by 50% the number of students missing more than 10 days of school, from 156 students, or 33% of our student population (1819), to 78 students.

Last Modified on June 10, 2020