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    CMHS Student Handbook 2019-2020


    BYOT/Student Device Policy: 

    Electronic Devices

    • Non-class time: Students are allowed to use electronic devices before school, during lunch, and after school. During class change, students can have their phones visible (just cannot take pictures, make phone call, or listen to music/wear headphones).
    • During class—it is a teacher’s decision for when/if students can use their own technology for instructional purposes. 

    Technology/Internet Use

    Students are not to access a computer or equipment without permission and supervision of CMHS staff.  Students should not use school computers to:  Communicate, deliver, transmit, or view CCS system programs or files; Obtain, transmit, alter, or destroy information contained in CCS System of students' files and programs; Introduce unauthorized programs into a system computer without permission; send or receive profane, pornographic, and abusive material; use files and programs that are non-educational; violate copyright lawas and licensing agreements; use chatting, gaming, or streaming software; use another person's network ID; sharing your network ID with anyone; and attach a personal computer to the System network; Any user violating computer and internet policies and guidelines may relinquish their rights to the resources available for the remainder of the school year.  In addition, disciplinary action may be taken.  Refer to parent quick links for more information about our guest network. 

    CCS Policy Code:  4313--Student Use of Social Networking Sites, Blogging and the Internet

    Click here to view the Policy Code. 

    CMHS Guest Network Information UPDATE [April 5, 2017]

    Dear Parents and Students:

    When CMHS created its BYOT policy several years ago, our primary objective was to provide teachers and students a pathway to new ways of learning through the use of technology.  While our school had a limited number of laptops and computer labs, allowing students to bring their personal devices for instructional purposes opened up those pathways.  In the last two years, Cabarrus County Schools has purchased more laptops for student use in an effort to support students and teachers in utilizing technology for learning. 

    Along with the increase in system-owned laptops, the technology department has also worked to upgrade wireless capabilities to handle the bandwidth of these devices.  Wireless access provided is designed to enhance the students’ educational experience and increase authentic student engagement to academic activities.  Currently, almost every classroom at CMHS is equipped with a mobile laptop cart. 

    With the increased amount of devices, coupled with students’ personal devices, our bandwidth limitations will no longer support unlimited wi-fi access.  A survey was sent to the staff and based on the results of the survey and the increase of technology provided by CCS, the CMHS Technology Committee recommended that only student personal laptop computers would continue to be allowed to connect to the network. Students may continue to bring their personal devices to school; however, beginning April 5th, students will have to use their own data plan if they choose to access the internet via personal devices.  The guest network will no longer be accessible in the classrooms.  However, the guest network will remain available in some common areas of the school. 

    Thank you,
    CMHS Administration and Staff

    CMHS Registered Network Information 

    We have devised a plan for students’ personal personal laptop to connect to our registered network. Students will receive information from their 4th period teachers on the steps they need to follow to be eligible to register their personal laptop on the CMHS Registered Network.

    If interested, students should download & read the form below review the rules.

    Student Personal Laptop Contract

    After reviewing the rules if students are still interested, they should complete the online form below:


    After students complete the online form above AND they turn in their signed paperwork; they will be added to the CMHS CCS Registered Network.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Milliken and Mrs. Dillon

    CMHS Grading Policy 2018-2019

    Click here to view the CMHS Grading Policy 2018-2019