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Gerald Nixon

My name is Gerald Nixon, I am the Opportunity School middle grade science teacher. I earned my Bachelors in elementary education from Winston-Salem State University and a Masters in School Administration from from Gardner-Webb university. I come to Cabarrus County from Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools where I taught elementary school for the first 10 years of my carreer and middle school science for the last four. I'm looking forward to the 2019-20 school year. I hope to instill a love of science and a general love of learning in my students. I believe that learning is one of the many joys in life that makes waking up every day that much more exciting.


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Phone: 704-260-5800


Middle School Science Overview

Q1:  Matter and Weather - 6th Matter, 7th Weather,  8th Matter

Q2:  Energy and Life - 6th Energy, 7th Cells, 8th Energy Conservation and Transfer

Q3:  Universe and Living Things - 6th Astronomy, 7th Human Body/Genetics, 8th Earth History and Structure and Function of Living Organisms and Molecular Biology

Q4:  Earth and the Biosphere - 6th Geology and Ecology, 7th Forces and Motion, 8th Hydrosphere and Ecosystems