7th Grade Science

  • Unit 1 - Earth’s Atmosphere and Weather: Students will be able to understand how weather impacts their daily lives and lives around the world, use data analysis and observation skills to predict the weather, and apply knowledge of air quality to be good stewards of the Earth.


    Unit 2 - Cells and Micro-Life: Students will be able to observe and identify the cellular structure and understand the role of cells in their body
    and explain how microorganisms are important to our world.
    Unit 3 - Human Body: Students will be able to explain the interconnectedness of the body systems.
    Unit 4 - Genetics: Students will be able to explain patterns of inheritance and how it affects an organism.
    Unit 5 - Physics: Students will independently be able to mathematically model and apply the laws of motion and energy transformation to explain the physical

8th Grade Science

  • Unit 1 - Matter (Properties and Changes): Students will learn physical and chemical properties of matter/physical and chemical change; patterns on the periodic table of the elements, and explore chemical reactions.
    Unit 2 - Energy Conservation and Transfer: Students will study the benefits and disadvantages of alternative energy resources.
    Unit 3 - Earth's History: Students will learn about geologic time/relative and absolute age of rocks and fossils. We'll study geological and biological evolution and genetics (changes in organisms and landforms).
    Unit 4 - Structures and Functions of Living Organisms: We'll study microbes and disease. Students will understand molecular biology - critical cell processes/molecules needed for a healthy life; and biotechnology.
    Unit 5 - Ecosystems: We'll examine interactions between living and nonliving factors in an area.
    Unit 6 - Earth Systems: Students will learn about the nitrogen cycle, the carbon-oxygen cycle, water cycle, and hydrosphere.
    In addition, students in the Earth/Environmental Class will be studying:
    *Earth in the Universe (Earth's role as a body in space)
    *Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes (focusing on the effects of natural forces and human influences on the lithosphere-solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere-living things, and their effects on us)