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Confidential Sponsorship & Scholarship

  •      The National Junior Beta Club prides itself on the acceptance of students from all walks of life, and here at Hickory Ridge we will do the same. There is no doubt the Covid-19 epidemic has placed a burden on our economy and many families. Either you have personal experience with this very real concern, or you know or heard of families that may be going through a difficult time as they attempt to bounce back from a tough couple of years. 


         The Junior Beta Club Student Government would like to ensure that ALL qualifying candidates are not hindered by monetary setbacks. The Junior Beta Club would like to provide full or partial scholarships to help offset membership fees to candidates coming from families that can use the assistance. There are many hoops to go through in order to earn membership into this program; however, Hickory Ridge Middle would like for money NOT to be an issue for well deserving candidates who otherwise have met all the requirements.


        The motto of the Junior Beta Club is “Let us lead by serving others”, and if your family is in a position to lead in financial assistance to another family, we humbly ask that you consider a Confidential Sponsorship donation. This would include the $50.00 minimum required fees  for membership, and/or also the additional $40.00 for a Beta Bite T-shirt and Beta Gifts to be awarded to each candidate on induction night. No amount is too small. Names of sponsors and recipients for this purpose will not be disclosed to the public.


         If you are a family that would appreciate assistance OR if your family is able to provide some needed community support to our neighbors and their children, please follow the link that best describes your position where more information will be provided.

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