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    Posted by Gregory Stienbarger on 5/6/2022 12:00:00 PM
    FAQ- parents may have:
    I know we returned that book, what do I do?
    Have the parent email me, I'll double-check the shelf for the item, and will communicate with the parents.
    However, I have inventoried over 8,855 books.  Therefore, if students say they have returned their books, please let them know, that it has not come to me.  Remind them to check in their desks, bookbags, in their rooms at home, under couches, in cars, any places they can think of!
    There is an amount due.  Do I have to pay for these books?
    I do not charge if students keep the books past the due date.  We only charge if they do not return the book, or if the book is damaged.  If students do not pay for books, the fee will remain on the student's account until high school.  
    If students return the book, then the fee goes away!
    I do not know where this book would be.
    Double-check under beds, car seats, book bags, and under couches/sofas.  Check toy bins, and bookshelves at home. 
    I have a book for another school in Cabarrus County, how do I get the book to the other school?
    Have the student bring the book to school, and have the student give me the book.  We ship books to other schools all the time!
    How do I know if it is a book for Patriots?
    I have students look for spine labels.  And the barcodes on the back of the books.  The barcode will say Patriots Elementary.
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