Senior Awards Night 2022

  • Senior Awards Night is an event to commemorate students who have been awarded community scholarships, military awards/scholarships, and awards for students chosen by staff members. If you have received a scholarship from a community organization or sponsor, your award could potentially be presented during the ceremony. 

    A full list of students who have received financial aid packages from a college or university will be included in the program. If you have received a scholarship to a college or university, please fill out THIS FORM if you wish to be included. If you have already submitted a scholarship and do NOT wish to have your name included in the ceremony, please contact me. To verify that you are already on the program list, please view THIS PAGE. If your information is missing or incorrect, please email Ms. Brown (

    Department awards are chosen by CCHS staff and are a secret until the night of the ceremony. Some scholarships will be awarded to students on the night of the ceremony and are a surprise. If you are to receive an award that will be presented at this ceremony, you will be notified but the award may be a secret. You may NOT nominate yourself for these awards.  

    Senior Awards Night Details:

    Date: Wed. May 18th

    Time: 6 PM

    Location: CCHS Theater  

    (Virtual option via YouTube livestream—link will be posted here the morning of the ceremony!)


    If you are to receive an award on this night, you will receive an email some time during the month of April or May.

    As more teachers submit department award nominations and students turn in their scholarship information, more invitations will be sent out.


    The deadline to submit your scholarships for consideration is Monday, May 2nd at 2:30 PM.


    If you want your scholarship to be presented during Senior Awards Night, please read the instructions below.

    Read below to determine if a scholarship you have received is eligible to be presented. Even if you are not accepting your scholarship, it can potentially still be presented. 

    Does your award qualify for a presentation slot? 

    • Comes from a community organization or business and provides you with money to attend college, a 4-year university, trade school, or other post-high school education
    • Scholarships given to you by CCHS or Cabarrus County
    • Competition awards that DO give a scholarship
    • Military academy scholarships/acceptances (ex: West Point, Naval Academy, Citadel, etc.)
    • Military enlistment scholarships
    • A full-ride, prestigious scholarship from a college/university that you had to apply for that is NOT awarded through FAFSA as a financial aid package or merit-based award
      • Examples: Levine Scholars, Morehead-Cain Scholarship, Cheatham-White Scholarship

    Examples of awards that DO NOT qualify: 

    • Awards or recognitions that DO NOT include scholarships
    • Competition awards that DO NOT give scholarships
    • Standard awards/recognitions from any organization (such as character awards, achievement awards, etc.)
    • Federal grants from FAFSA or college (you can still submit these for the program insert!)

     The scholarship submission form is HERE.

    Note: If you know you are receiving a military scholarship, please reach out to Ms. Brown to confirm that you are on the list. I will have names from military recruiters of all students who have enlisted or plan to enlist.

    Please direct all Senior Awards Night questions to Lindsey Brown (

Last Modified on April 8, 2022