• KIDS:PLUS is excited to offer our families
    the convenience of ONLINE PAYMENTS!
    Pay Online
    To make a payment, click on the "Pay Online" icon. 
    Payments may be made by online debit, credit or ACH draft.
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  • Online Payment Q & A's:
    Q-How do I get set-up to use the online payment option?
    A-To enroll in the online payment option, you must complete and return the Cabarrus County Schools KIDS:PLUS Online Payment Enrollment Form  (also available from your KIDS:PLUS Site Director).  You can fax this enrollment form to the KIDS:PLUS Main Office at 704.782.2329 or turn it into your KIDS:PLUS Site Director.  Once your Online Payment Enrollment Form has been processed, you will receive an email containing your login information. 
    Q-Is there a fee to make an online payment?
    A-Yes, you will be charged a 2.5% convenience fee for using the online payment option. KIDS:PLUS does not profit from these fees; they are charged to cover the cost of providing online payment services.

    Q-When can I make my online payments?
    A-You can make online payments when it is convenient for you to make the payments. However, payments must be made on or before the due dates listed on the payment plan.

    Q-If I don't make my payment on or before the due dates, will my account be charged a late fee?
    A-Yes, if the payment is not made on or before the due dates, your account will be charged a $15.00 late payment fee.

    Q-If I enroll in the online payment option, is that the only way I can make my KIDS:PLUS payment?
    A-No, if you are unable to pay online for any reason, you can still bring a check or money order to your KIDS:PLUS location. Late fees will apply if your payment is received after the due date.

    Q-If I choose to setup recurring payments online, when will my payment be drafted from my account?
    A-If you choose to have your account drafted weekly, it will draft out of your account on Mondays. If you choose to have your account drafted monthly, it will draft out of your account on the 10th of each month.
    **If you set up your account on recurring payments, you must contact the KIDS:PLUS Office to discontinue or edit the payment amounts.

    Q-What happens if I choose to pay by ACH draft, and funds are not available when my account is drafted?
    A-If funds are not available when your account is drafted, you will be charged a $25.00 NSF fee by Global Payments Inc. You will receive a letter and phone call from Global Payments to settle the charges. NSF issues must be resolved with Global Payments, not the KIDS:PLUS Program.
    **If participation is insufficient for any of the online payment services (debit, credit, or ACH), KIDS:PLUS may cease to offer any one or all of these services.
Last Modified on August 16, 2019