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  • In North Carolina, and in Cabarrus County, Career & Technical Education is divided into the seven program areas listed below.  The program areas are made up of multiple pathways that help business leaders, teachers, parents and students understand how CTE coursework is aligned to industry concepts and standards.  If you navigate to “Students and Parents” in the side menu bar, you will find several links showing how Career & Technical Education is structured, to provide the most effective support for students.  Below is a listing of each program area.  

    Career & Technical Education Program Areas:


    For the business leader, Career & Technical Education is an opportunity to partner with a local school district in a structured process that creates a pipeline of employees.  Through a variety of work-based learning opportunities, guest speaking events, and advisory council opportunities, the business leader can participate in the education process, and help students who may one day be their employees.

    For the parent, Career & Technical Education allows them to support their child through a structured career development process.  Many parents may not understand how to help their children make a quality career decision, since they may have struggled themselves, with career awareness.  Through Career & Technical Education, students can participate in career interest assessments and learning styles inventories that help them make individualized decisions, about their own future career. 

    For the student, Career & Technical Education is a structured program of study that leads to a career based on their own likes and interests.  Data show that when students complete a four-course program of study in a Career & Technical Education pathway, they are more likely to graduate, while finding the career that makes them happy.  Students can also leave high school with an industry credential that can give them several talking points when meeting with a potential employer.      

    Finding the right career that meets a person’s financial and personal needs is a challenge, no matter the person’s age.  Our focus within the Career & Technical Education Department is to give students as many opportunities as possible, to discover and explore their own career interests.  We believe the resources you will find on our website will help all stakeholders involved in the education process.    

    Whether a student, parent, business leader, or post-secondary partner, we look forward to working with each of you to provide a quality workforce for Cabarrus County. 


    Moving Futures Forward...



    Russell "Rusty" Parker

    Career & Technical Education Director

    Cabarrus County Schools


Last Modified on January 21, 2022