Welcome to Battle of the Books!

Pay attention to MAVtv for meeting reminders, and don't forget your BOB pass!

  • Advisors: Ms. Warr, Ms. Hunter, and Ms. Mirabelli


    Battle of the Books will meet in small groups in which you get to talk about similar books with your friends - just like real book clubs! We hope this will shift the focus toward us - the readers - and how we interact with the settings, plots, and characters we love. We look forward to learning more about you as we share books together!


    There is a competition on February 24, and we may have up to 12 participants. You DO NOT have to be on the competition team to participate in our BOB book discussions! Non-competitors may sometimes help the competition team to practice and study, but they don't have to memorize anything. Competitors, you are responsible for reading several of the books, paying attention to details, and memorizing both the author and the full title (as printed on the official list).


    NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 1st at 8:00am in the Media Center


    ***Meetings will be Wednesday mornings at 8am. Please make sure you bring your laminated BOB pass!***


    2022-23 meeting dates:

    ☑️ October 5

    ☑️ October 19

    ☑️ November 2

    ☑️ November 16

    ☑️ November 30

    ☑️ December 14

    ☑️ January 18

    🟦 February 1

    🟦 February 15


    🟦 March 1

    🟦 March 15

    🟦 April 5

    🟦 April 19

    🟦 May 3

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